22 August 2010

Family and friends make life better

Life gets hectic for all us, right?!?

Fortunately the chaos seems to rolls in waves so that when your life is hectic (aka: me... right now), you have friends who rush in to help you with your madness because their life is "less hectic" (face it, "less" is probably the best we get 'cuz nobody I know ever feels completely hectic-free!).

Then, your crazy, hectic sprint in life slows down a bit (P.S. I'm looking forward to that!) so that you can step up and help your friends who are now experiencing their own crazy world.

Tonight I realize how blessed I am to have good family and good friends and I feel fortunate to KNOW I am cared about by so many different people!

The list of amazing people that I have cheering for me and supporting me right now in a crazy transition time could go on and on, but tonight before I go to bed (I know, Mary, I should already be there!), I would like to say a special thanks to these people specifically:

  • My sister for being my project manager!

  • My mom for saving the day when printer issues threatened to sink me!

  • My dad for bringing me the paper delivery I needed so desperately.

  • My friend Laura for checking on me.

  • My friend (and blog stalker!), Mary for being my "go-to-sleep-earlier" phone call as well as my "'time-to-wake-up-earlier" phone call (GOTTA start that routine!).

  • My friend Rachel for patroling my Facebook status to make sure I'm not on there instead of sleeping so that I can actually get up when Mary calls!

  • My awesome hubby whose love and support for me has no limit!

I'm serious when I say that this list could go on and on - I know I am blessed that so many people care about me and are watching my back so that I can be successful.

I LOVE YOU ALL and thank you all for caring about me and for helping me to KNOW that whatever I am called to do, I can succeed. After all, I am blessed with good friends, a great family, and a Savior who truly gave His life for me so that I could live mine.

Life may be crazy - but it is good!

(and now I'm going to bed.... really, Mary... I promise! Well, after I update Facebook... but I won't be on there for long, Rachel... cross my heart!)

20 August 2010

Dear Google Reader....

... I love all that you do for me!

You collect all sorts of interesting information and hold onto it patiently until I have time to get around to browsing what you have collected.

You are always there and I know that at any given time I can discover any number of incredible things, such as:

  1. Amazing transformations of trash to treasure...

  2. Incredible home renovations - all done on the penny-pinching budget of amazingly frugal and supremely talented DIY home fashionistas...

  3. Ideas for creating a scrumptious, gourment meal from a perfect meal plan carefully coordinated to use ingredients from a well-organized food storage pantry or from the results of a well-cultivated, perfectly plotted home garden...

  4. Homes that are clutter-free, polished and poised in tasteful decor, and perfectly suited to be the setting of the next epic romance movie waiting to be produced...

  5. Projects, projects, and more projects - all reflecting superb creative power and execution...

  6. A plethora of strategies, tips, and ideas for keeping everything I could possibly ever own in this lifetime (or the next) perfectly sorted and organized...

  7. Simply incredible and fun party ideas that leave me dreaming of a job as an Event Planner (or maybe just ideas for the next great party I'll "just have to" host!)...

With all of these options to browse during my "free-time" (note the sarcasm, Dear Google Reader, because there is NO "free-time" available in my life right now), I find myself drowning in too many great ideas, too many projects, and too many inconsistencies in what I see in your archives and the reality of my life.

So a change must be made. I'm sorry, but we need some time apart.

Don't be sad, Dear Google Reader, I still love you and I really do appreciate all of the wonderful options you offer, I just have to get real about the time I have to hang out with you.

I'll still pop in to visit. After all, the most important thing you do for me is help me stay current with friends and family. I thank you for this great act of service.

So, I'll see you soon and even though I won't be able to hang out as long as I have in the past, we'll still be friends. Promise. As long as you still keep me posted on what matters most!

Love your pal,

13 August 2010

Summer 2010 - Lots of Fun in the Sun!

01 August 2010

The Promise of Possibilities

This coming week has the promise of possibilities because Brian is off for the week! Woot! Woot! So, this week we will divide our time betwen "Project Week" and "Party Time!"

"Project Week" projects:

  • Go to the grocery store (why should one of us have to face that madness alone!)

  • Dum, da, da dum... the garage! Clean it, organize it, park my car in it! Then we can check it off our "Amazingly Long List of Things To Do Around the House" (for this year!)

  • Create a pantry inventory

  • Organize and assemble our Emergency Documents binder

  • New blinds for the middle and master bedrooms

"Party Time" plans:

  • Visit the MOLA (Museum of Living Art) at the FW Zoo

  • Attend the temple

  • Have breakfast at Paris Cafe (aMaZinG!)

  • And why not lunch at Yucatan Taco Stand (deLiSh!!!)

  • Dinner will be home-cooked for most of the week. After all... we have a meal plan!

And the most exciting thing about this week of possibilities...
being together!

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