21 April 2008

The Finale (finally!)

Being gone last week put me a bit behind on my blog (not that I do a terribly good job of keeping up, but I was working on it).

So, my finale (finally!) for my list of 101 Everyday Joys

91. Being safe during severe Texas weather (aka: tornados and hail)
92. My family being safe during severe Texas weather
93. My friends being safe during severe Texas weather
94. My house staying intact during severe Texas weather
95. Sleeping peacefully after a night of severe Texas weather

Okay... I know... enough of the severe Texas weather, but these are some real joys that I felt after last week's storms.

96. No pressure to be anywhere or to do anything
97. Homemade guacamole (thanks for the recipe, Tracy!)
98. Freebies from conference
99. Being missed by others when you are gone
100. Receiving a compliment and knowing it is sincere
101. Being able to recognize how blessed I am EVERYDAY!

14 April 2008

Counting Blessings

81. The chance to attend the Texas library conference
82. Central Market!
83. A former student (now a grown up) calling to say hi
84. Powerpoint
85. The brakes in my car (I'm sorry I almost ran you over Jenny!)
86. My sister forgiving me for almost running her over
87. Catching up with family
88. Warm socks (WHY is it cold right now?)
89. Dublin Dr. Pepper & pure cane sugar (found at Central Market)
90. HGTV (but I'm glad we don't have it since I get sucked in to all the great shows!)

13 April 2008

Abundantly Blessed

I am so blessed! My life is filled with people who love me, care about me, and accept me even with my shortcomings. By being surrounded by so many good and righteous people, I have gained a clearer understanding of how much the Lord loves me and how much He blesses me through the love, kindness, and generosity of others.

So, the first item on tonight's list of joy is...

71. Being loved by others

And now for more blessings that bring me joy...

72. Having Family Home Evening
73. Attending the temple
74. Getting to know others better
75. Great Sunday lessons
76. Listening to a well-prepared talk
77. The chance to help someone else
78. Men who show respect by standing when I walk into a meeting
79. Taking the sacrament
80. Seeing someone I know sing at conference! (YEAH, ALLISON!)

09 April 2008

More Joy

Thanks for the reminder to get back to my postings Daniell-a!

Although the week got away from me, there has been plenty of joy in my life (big and small)!

55. Shutterfly collections for sharing pictures with fam
56. Rain (too bad I couldn't just stay in my pjs and read!)
57. Finding a 2nd car!!!!!!!
58. Dream Dinners ("homecooked" never tasted so good)
59. Mother Goose (seriously, revisit these classic rhymes for fun)
60. Shopping at the bookstore... with someone else's money!
61. Great visiting teachers who know me and really care about me
62. Steam cleaners (Thanks, Lisa for letting me borrow yours)
63. Bottled water
64. A new toothbrush
65. Umbrellas that work
66. Fun markers that I can use to doodle
67. Comfy shoes
68. Fax machines
69. A mom who will use that fax machine for me at the last minute

And now... the last joy of my posting tonight...
(though certainly not my last joy)

70. Safely removing this really cool lizard from our house before the cat could get him. He was on the crown molding in the living room for several hours before Brian finally manuevered him into a cup and back outside. Whew! A life saved!

(Imagine our surprise when we came home later that evening and the thing was plastered to our glass door! What was he thinking, a beast of a cat lurks inside this home, waiting to play!).

"Our" lizard outside on the tree.

06 April 2008

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! # 44 - 54

I didn't even turn on the computer yesterday! (That could be a joy!)

Here are my joys for today.

44. Sleeping in
45. A good idea
46. Sitting outside on a blanket
47. String cheese (a little piece at a time)
48. Being with family
49. Learning something new
50. Knowing who you are
51. Being close to the Lord
52. A shoulder rub
53. Ceiling fans
54. Being an aunt

05 April 2008

Joy # 32 - 43

32. Salsa and chips (well, Mexican food of all kinds!)
33. Crushed ice from Sonic
34. Audiobooks (I can "read" more!)
35. Butt warmers in car seats
36. Double-stuff Oreos
37. Good music
38. Birds singing
39. Clorox wipes
40. Time to relax
41. A good idea that comes before midnight!
42. Digital cameras (I can take better photos!)
43. Knowing that Heavenly Father loves me

03 April 2008

More Joy # 21 - 31

21. Poetry! (http://kingdomofbooks.blogspot.com/)
22. A refreshing glass of cold water
23. Cadbury Mini-Eggs
24. Sharing good ideas with others
25. Jeans that fit (and flatter!)
26. Picture frames
27. Pictures (preferably in the frames!)
28. Post-it notes (a pretty nifty invention)
29. Gerbera Daisies
30. Laying in bed and talking with Brian
31. My dressy red shirt

Everyday Joys

I am following my sista's lead with the 101 Everyday Joys. After all, I was the one who found it in the magazine at the bookstore and said we should add this to our Personal History projects, but Jenny is better about actually following through!

So.... some of my everyday joys

1. Snuggling on the couch with Brian (and then he lets me fall asleep)
2. A good book (one that sucks you in from the start)
3. Sitting on the porch to enjoy the crisp, cool breeze (aka: BAKER!)
4. A good plan
5. Even better... COMPLETING that good plan!
6. The smell of a new car
7. Warm sunshine coming through the sunroof of my new car
8. My cat (when she's not grumpy!)
9. Learning something new
10. A phone call from a friend
11. New journals and pens for conference
12. Seeing children get excited about poetry (and reading!)
13. Homecooked meals (see #4 and #5)
14. Clean sheets straight from the dryer
15. Non-humid, successful hair days
16. Candles
17. A good Mavs game (like tonight)
18. Using my time well (see #4 and #5)
19. Hugs from kindergartners
20. Getting a good night's sleep (a rare occurance - note the time!)

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