22 February 2011

Catching up with Reality

How often do you hang out with Reality?

I don't always hang out with her because, well, sometimes Reality is just a little bit TOO real! Instead I try moving really quickly from one thing to the next so that Reality can't catch up. (If you know Reality, than you know exactly what I'm talking about!) Unfortunately, I'm not that fast and it seems that Reality is always two-steps ahead of me and I have to catch-up!

When I stop and think it, I realize that Reality is just looking out for me. After all, she reminds me of important things that need to be done, she shakes her head when I get off-track and nudges me along when I have ignored the little things too long, she pulls me back from getting completely absorbed in a great book or in the world of blogs when the bathroom or the laundry is crying for my attention. Actually, the list of things that Reality keeps an eye on for me is pretty long and I should be appreciative, right?

Yes, I know that Reality is persistent and she keeps me in check (most of the time), but sometimes I really just want to run and hide from her. She doesn't always act like a friend, and can actually be downright pushy and demanding when she thinks I need to get something done right away. Reality nags and bosses, and she really knows how to make you feel guilty when you haven't done your part. Truth be told, sometimes Reality is more of a pain than a pal.

But I've got to face it, Reality is here for the long haul. I can't get rid of her. I can't hide. She's just too persistent! Truthfully, I'm glad. I hate to think of what mental state I might live in if Reality wasn't always there to remind me of my responsibilities and obligations. So, I am trying to appreciate Reality a little bit more. I am trying to see Reality as a friend, not a foe. I am trying to spend more quality time with Reality instead of rushing in and mumbling hello then trying to take care of a million things at the last minute so I can rush right back out.

Sometimes it is hard to listen to Reality and to accept what she teaches, but when I stop and think about it, I know that Reality is just trying to keep me focused on things that matter so that I can be successful and so that I can appreciate the blessings of my life.

But oh, how I wish that there were times when Reality would just take a vacation!

20 February 2011

The Love of My Life

The love of my life is...
  • kind

  • patient

  • concerned about others

  • hard-working

  • dependable

  • strong

  • handy

  • dedicated

  • funny

  • loving

  • righteous

  • encouraging

  • well-liked

  • talented

  • smart

  • a good example

  • accepting

  • incredible

  • fun

  • amazing

  • HOT!!!!

The love of my life...

  • cooks (so much better than I!)

  • cleans

  • keeps the yard looking good

  • works

  • rubs my back

  • rubs my feet

  • listens

  • understands me (even when I don't understand myself)

  • pays bills and tracks our finances

  • hangs out with my family

  • loves his mom

  • calls me during the day just to say hi

  • watches chic flicks with me

  • has beaten me at Scrabble more times than I want to admit

  • loves Baker City as much as I do (and that is HUGE in my life)

  • knows that I love spending time with my seester

  • goes to the bookstore with me as part of date night

  • laughs at the irony of my library fines

  • enjoys good Tex-Mex as much as I do

  • loves children, is an AWESOME uncle, and I know that someday, when we are finally blessed to have children, he will be an AWESOME dad!

The love of my life is...

  • my rock

  • my confidante

  • my best friend

  • my partner in grime (and crime!)

  • my eternal companion

  • my happiness

The love of my life is B and he is EVERYTHING to me!

15 February 2011

Dear Blog...

Dear Blog,

Yes, it's true, I have ignored you. It's nothing you did - promise (but if you could update yourself, that would be great!). It's nothing you said - promise (but if you could come up with some ready-made, sharp-witted responses that apply to my life, I would be grateful). Really, it's not you, it's me, I'm sorry.

You see, right now I am spending a lot of my time somewhere else on the internet, and it's true that I have been spending WAY too much time there.

You see, it's all B's fault! Seriously! He recently told me about a word game called Scramble on FB. Now, you know that I love me a good word game 'cuz I like to be all smart with words and stuff! And it is true that this love of word games has led me to have a really bad case of BIC (actually the worst case I've ever seen before. Yeah, it's that bad). It has also led me to avoid a lot of other important things (including you, Dear Blog), but I am trying to limit myself to "just a few" rounds of Scramble - promise (most of the time!).

Oh, Dear Blog, what shall I do? I want to keep you current, I want my house to be clean, I want to go to bed earlier, but I love trying to beat my own personal score (on a daily basis) and so these things are avoided. What shall I do?

Well, at least you're current- for now! Off to play some Scramble!

04 February 2011

What a Week!


Coat? Check.
Scarf? Check.
Gloves? Check.

Ready for a cold week? Check.

Well, I wasn't actually ready for it to be the kind of cold with negative degrees !

That's right, this week in Texas has been a negative degrees kind of cold. The forecast predicted cold weather, sleet and ice (an annual occurrance down here in good ol' Texas!), and snow flurries.

I'll be honest, I didn't believe the snow flurries part of the forecast - that just seemed like too much of a stretch. After all, we had actual snow LAST year, so we surely weren't due for more actual snow just yet, right! But, I have to hand it to the meterologists - this time they got it right - and today we have snow covering everything! It's purdy and it gave us another day off from school!

Even though it's purdy today, it sure wasn't purdy around town earlier this week when it was just flat out nasty and icy. Icy enough to close the schools for several days (the cheers from the students in Texas must have been heard in space!). Icy enough to close businesses for several days (another reason why we should be prepared). And icy enough to keep the roads treacherous and dangerous (we might need to add more than sand to our road safety strategy).

I'm sure this sudden weather change came as a bit of a surprise to the Super Bowl Committee and to all of the fans who made their way to DFW for "The Big Game" on Sunday. After all, it was a bit of a surprise for those of us who live here! But right now the weather is wacky all over the place, not just here in Texas!


Since the Super Bowl is here this weekend, ESPN is broadcasting from our downtown FW, so on Monday (before the weather hit), B and I headed to Sundance Square to check out the ESPN Broadcast Booth. We got to be part of the crowd during the broadcast of Chris Berman's segment. Surely you know Chris Berman, aka "Boomer," the guy who makes all the crazy sounds during his broadcasts. His sports reports are pretty interesting and funny (and you know I'm not a big sports fan!). It was fun to be part of the crowd filled with lots of "interesting" people!

We also headed over to where Channel 21 was broadcasting the news and jumped in with the hoopin' and holler' of that crowd too! After all of our television cameos (being on television is exhausting!), we were hungry and headed to Cabo Grande. Mexican food ALWAYS completes the day!

The night was a BLAST and I'm so glad we went down before the madness of the weather and the insanity of the crowds hit!

Just another adventure of B&K as we try to "Live Life Everyday!"

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