29 June 2009

A Day Away

So, Brian planned this secret day trip. He wouldn't tell me where we were going, but he kept dangling the carrot of "I have a secret, na na na na na na!" (He didn't actually say that, but it wasn't hard to tell he was thinking it!).

It is really hard for me not to try and find things out ahead of time (I mean REALLY hard) and he knows it. But... I was determined.not.to.bug.him. And let me tell you... IT.WAS.HARD!

Especially when I learned that people at work knew, my sister knew, my mom knew, his mom knew. I mean, come on... this was pure TORTURE. But still... I.DID.NOT.BUG.HIM.

And then, it started to bug him NOT to tell me. He wanted to, oh, he wanted to! So, the night before, he offered the chance for clues!

Here's what I got:

  • "You'll want to take the camera"

  • "Be ready to leave by 8 am"

  • "Wear whatever you want"

  • "We won't be in the Metroplex"

  • "We're going West"

That was it... my clues. And as luck would have it: I GUESSED!!!!

We had a fabulous day together, planned with thought and care to be something I would really enjoy and be interested in, by my AWESOME husband who knows me better than I think I know myself. He is totally a ROCK STAR in my world and I am just a groupie!

The slideshow of our day is on our other blog called: Don't Blink (click the name to check it out).

24 June 2009

Where, oh where, are we going!!!

All I know is that B has secret plans that he has been cultivating for about a week now. He told me to look at the calendar (originally for this Thursday) and let him know what I had going on, which at the time was... NADA. Then, he made me keep the day clear and when I asked why, the answer I got was... NADA!

Now, instead of Thursday, we're going somewhere, but I don't know where, tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a milestone day in our family, it marks the 1-year anniversary since we lost Brian's dad. Without knowing how to really spend the day, I'm glad that we have something planned that will bring B and I the opportunity to spend the day together. Doing what? I dunno!

But right now, knowing that I CAN'T HANDLE SURPRISES, B wants to know if I want the opportunity to guess where we are going...but I have to get off the computer to make my guess.

So, "night night" blog world - I'm off to guess!


P.S. Stay tuned to discover how we spent the day.

10 June 2009

14 Years!

ImageChef Word Mosaic - ImageChef.com

Today we celebrated our 14th anniversary with an evening out together, and just like it did 14 years ago (as well as several, if not most, of our anniversaries since then)... it RAINED!

We were totally oblivious to the rain because we were watching "Angels & Demons" starring Tom Hanks.

Out of 5 possible B&K stars, here are our ratings (and since we are such big movie goers, we know you were wondering!)...

B = 3 stars

K = 3.5 stars (mostly because I'm a fan of Ewan McGregor!)

It was when we came out of the theater that we became aware of the rain (and laughed that once again, on June 10th, "raindrops keep falling from the sky.").

Thank goodness that Palace 9 has a great next door neighbor where we could spend some time avoiding those raindrops...

Barnes & Noble... definitely a stop on our anniversary and yes...books were purchased!

Actually, I just finished one of the books I bought last night and it was FANTASTIC! The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society has been added to my list of favorite "grown-up" books. Thanks for the rec, Lalalaleesa!

When there were just a "few" raindrops falling from the sky, we walked a couple of blocks to eat some Mexican food at...

By the time we finished dinner, the rain had stopped (for a moment) and we were able to get back to the car.

We had a great time! But then again, we always have a great time when we're together!

B&K = Building a great marriage to last for all eternity!

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