24 April 2009

The "Done It" List

Instead of the "Git 'r Dun" list, which is never-ending and can leave you feeling buried alive (see picture above), I have been trying a new approach with the "Done It" List...

This is a daily list of at least 10 things (big AND small) that I accomplished during the day, and I have to say, it's MUCH... MORE... REWARDING!

Here's my "Done It" List for today...
  1. Major record uploading of new books into the circulation system at work (Whew! Now those "pesky" kids that have been waiting and waiting can check out those new books!)

  2. Submitted paperwork for orders at work (it's like shopping with someone else's money!)

  3. Cleaned out the fridge (and I thought I wasn't any good at science projects!)

  4. Took out the trash (Barf... I hate touching the trash can)

  5. Collected all the recycling (where in the world does all of this paper come from?)

  6. Popped in for a surprise visit to my mother-in-law while she was playing poker with some of her friends (remember JoAnn... dinner money!)

  7. Put away clean clothes (now the "processing room" is back to being the guest room it's supposed to be... at least until the next load of laundry needs to be "processed!")

  8. Talked to my sister-in-law in San Antonio, who I love mucho!

  9. Put back an impulsive purchase BEFORE I actually purchased it (This is a HUGE accomplishment, especially since I was at the BOOKSTORE!)

  10. Cleaned off the dining room table (I suffer from "pile instead of file!")

There it is, 10 things I have done today!

For me the "Done It" list is helping me to see that I do get quite a bit of good work done each day, which makes me happy (see picture below)... even though there are still things that keep rolling over to that stupid (yeah, I said STUPID!) "git 'r dun" list that's never "dun."

So, what's on your "DONE IT" list today?

11 April 2009

Catch Phrase

Everyone needs a catch phrase.

Come on, you know that you need something to say at those times when no matter how hard you try and no matter who helps out, things just don't go as planned. In fact, sometimes despite our best efforts, things just fall apart. (Psssttt... you aren't the only one this happens to!)

Hence, the need for a catch phrase... a mantra... something to help you avoid finishing the famous "what the..." phrase with a "less than positive" word.

Some examples of good catch phrases include: "What the HECK" (note the use of a POSITIVE word to finish it!). "You've got to be kidding" and "Are you SERIOUS" work well in many situations. Occasionally, an "Oh, Man" or a well-placed "Indeed" can do the trick, but sometimes a situation just needs a good ole' solid shouting of "Jiminy Christmas" (my father-in-law's favorite to use when he was alive)!

I personally love the catch phrase Joseph B. Wirthlin shared in his final conference address (FYI: for some reason Blogger won't correctly embed the actual video in my post so it can be played... a perfect example of how things don't go as planned!)

His catch phrase, "Come What May and Love It" helped him out many times during his long life (proof that if an apostle of the Lord needs a catch phrase, then we all need one!).

For me the catch phrase I use during those less-than-stellar moments when things just don't go as planned, has become "it is what it is." The best part is that I didn't even know I had a catch phrase for those moments until Brian pointed it out tonight.

I'm glad to know I have a catch phrase I can go to during those moments! After all...


(So, what's YOUR catch phrase?)

Happy Easter

"Without Easter, there would be no Christmas."

I love this quote from Gordon B. Hinckley because it reminds me of ALL the amazing things that the Lord has done for me - for each of us - and for all that He blesses me with each day. We are so loved by our Savior and by our Heavenly Father and the evidence of their love is all around us.

Starting today, I will do a better job of stopping to smell the roses, hearing the birds, appreciating the beauty of the world I live in, giving thanks for the people who bless my life, expressing gratitude for the freedoms I enjoy, and recognizing the eternal love my Savior has for me.

After all, Easter is a time for renewal and rebirth, so it is the perfect time for me to be recommitted to living a life that follows the example set by Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter!

03 April 2009

Home again

After a week in Houston at a work conference, I am so glad to be home! It was a great week, but there is nothing quite like being in your house, with your own things, walking to the bathroom without wearing flip flops! You know - all those "little" things ;)

It was a great conference with lots of break-out sessions, vendors, and resources (gotta love those Advanced Reading Copies!) and my brain is FULL of ideas. This means that I will have to "brain drain" so I can sleep tonight!

I co-presented a session with my TVS colleagues focused on shifting the perspective towards school libraries and it went really well. This reminded me how much I enjoy presenting and sharing ideas and experiences that have worked for me.

I am grateful that my school supports the faculty in attending professional conferences so that I can stay current and on top of my game in my profession (but I sure wish they'd offer a laundry service after getting back!).

Now that I'm home, I'm gearing up for another experience as I get ready for our church's General Conference. I just think I'm tired now, but after all of the great talks and inspiration that will come my way this weekend, I will really be brain-drained! I can't wait!!

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