About B&K

The story of B&K began in 1992 when we met each other at the grocery store where we worked together. Eighteen years later, we have experienced a variety of ups and downs, in and outs, and around and around in our relationship.

Both B&K have their own versions of how this story goes, so in all fairness, both sides will be shared. We'll call it:

"He Said... She Said!"

(NOTE: B&K answered these questions independently of one another and then shared and compared answers afterwards).

The first time we met...

He said:
"At a work meeting and my interest was peeked."

She said:
"At a meeting at Food Lion, the grocery store where we worked together. I noticed this cute guy in the staff meeting and turned on the "natural" flirting skills. Of course, he was smitten!

Our first date was...

He said:
"Quiet at first, then something finally sparked and we talked until 1 am. It is one of my most memorable dates we went on."

She said:
"Fun - after the initial awkwardness! Why I suddenly became too shy to talk after months of conversing on the phone every night, I don't know, but the shy bug bit during dinner. Thank goodness that by the time we left the movie (Patriot Games!), I could talk again!"

Our favorite thing to do together is...

He said:
"Talk and go anywhere we want."

She said:
"Hang out! Movies at home, dinner, a trip to Target, watching tv, talking, cleaning... it doesn't matter to me what we do as long as we are together."

The best vacation we have ever had is...

He said:
"The year we circled Oregon."

She said:
"The first time we went to Baker and made time to see the many beautiful areas of Oregon (like Crater Lake) as went to visit family. Of course, Niagara Falls (from the Canada side) was awesome too!

The best part of our relationship is...

He said:
"Our ability to look at each other and know what the other person is thinking."

She said:
"Our friendship, the support we give each other, how much we love each other - unconditionally."

When answering questions about her, he said....

Her best characteristics are:
"Her smile and sense of humor. Her ability to teach anyone, anything, anytime. Her devotion to do her best at whatever is before her."

Her most annoying habit is:
"Asking for my opinion when it really doesn't matter because she already hs made up her mind."

One thing people don't know about her is:
"She is softer than people give her credit for."

When answering questions about him, she said...

His best characteristic is:
"His smile. His dimples. His eyes. His kindness. His patience. His ability to listen, His support. His love. His ability to make me happy - always."

His most annoying habit is:
"SNORING! But he doesn't believe he does this. I am going to tape record this symphony one night!"

One thing people don't know about him is:
"He has a 'sneaky' sense of humor and can drop quick one-liners that surprise people. He is also a GREAT chef!"

So, there you have it... a little bit about B&K. And although our answers may differ here or there, one thing is the same for both of us:

we'll love each other FOREVER!

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