27 October 2009

Murphy's Laboratorium of Madness

I always liked Halloween as a kid, but I have just recently realized how much fun this holiday can really be as a grown-up.

Don't get me wrong, I love the other holidays we celebrate during this time of year, but I just clued in to the fact that Halloween is a holiday with NO EXPECTATIONS.

There are no dinner commitments, no balancing schedules, no rushing around trying to find the perfect present for someone you love. Halloween is whatever you want it to be (with the bonus of candy being doled out freely by everyone you know!).

So, in light of this recent discovery, B and I decided to host a little get-together. You know, an evening of friends, family, food, and fun. However, there was one tiny requirement for all who would attend... COSTUMES!

Fun photos from the night:

Some of the ways I spooked out our house:

What a great night!

20 October 2009

Happy Birthday, B!

October 20... many moons ago (37 to be exact)... in a cold land far north (aka: Plattsburgh, NY)... a baby boy came into the world (weighing 7 lbs. 11 and 1/2 oz and measuring 20 and 3/4 inches).... and his parents were pleased (the jury is still out on how his older siblings felt about his arrival!).

Of course, when this boy arrived into the world, times were different than they are now. Children could play in the front yard until dark, bikes could be left on the porch, and according to the boy's mother, a 3-day hospital stay for having baby #5 only cost them $7.00 (that's right, the price of lunch in our world today!).

Now back to the story of this boy (a happy, go-lucky kind of kid), who would change the world forever (sometimes for good and sometimes... well, not for good... but always with a smile!).

He was a curious young fellow (with scars to prove it)... always exploring small places (and getting his head stuck)... trying new tricks on the skateboard (and bashing open his head)... rough-housing with his brothers (and bashing open his head)... biking around with friends (and bashing open his head). In truth, it's amazing how well his head has held up!

As he grew up, this boy learned many important characteristics from his parents, his family, and his faith, such as being kind, polite, generous, loving, compassionate, friendly, helpful, determined, diligent... and the list goes on.

What he learned from his friends were important life lessons as well, such as: how to squeeze a milk container to get the greatest mess... the importance of manuevering your way into the Denny's parking lot ... games to play on golf courses... and many other such important lessons.

As time went on, this boy graduated from high school, began college, got a job at a local grocery store (all hail Food Lion!), and there he met a girl... whose life he changed FOREVER!

Movies, dinners, George Strait concerts, shopping, surprise gifts, phone conversations lasting late into the night, hanging out at one house or another (always with someone's siblings around!), the relationship of this boy (now a young man) and this girl (who had grown into her own young adult self!) grew and strengthened until after 3 years of dating, the boy proposed marriage and the girl said yes.

14 years after that wedding, the girl (now a grown woman) sits at the computer writing about the boy who has become the most incredible and amazing man she could ever know, and thanks her lucky stars for the opportunity to spend this day with him, celebrating who he is and who he continues to "B!"

Happy Birthday, B! I love you more than you can possibly know!

Love - K

15 October 2009

What causes emotion?

For the last couple of weeks my feelings and emotions have been sitting right on my shoulders and have been tossed around a time or two, causing me to feel a plethora of emotions: happiness, sadness, frustration, disbelief, anger, humility, sorrow, joy, concern, hope...

So, what is it that actually causes us to feel such a wide variety of emotion?

I know that situations and experiences cause the emotional response, but how in the world do we know (without thinking) the response to have to these situations and experiences?

I know, this post should really be titled: "Deep thoughts with K!"

While I have no idea what kind of neurons fire to cause us to feel specific emotions (it's got to be a brain thing, right), I do know that regardless of the emotions that we experience, the feelings we have, the trials we face, we are never alone.

I am so grateful for family and friends who support me, love me, accept me, and strengthen me in ALL my emotions!

And I am truly grateful for my Savior, who knows better than anyone else exactly where I am, how I feel, and what I am going through. I am also grateful that He always loves me, is there to strengthen me, and He NEVER doubts me - despite how often I doubt myself. His love is amazing!

11 October 2009

A Well-Used Phrase


What is this?
  • A phrase has become part of my natural vocabulary (and includes capitalized enthusiasm and exclamation points as part of the verbal delivery!).

  • A phrase that other people often associate with me.

Where did it come from?
  • My seester (aka: Jennif) and I have used it for a long time when we talk to each other.

Why do I use it?

  • It says a lot with very little words.

How did it become a catch phrase at Church?

  • When I was called to work with the seesters of my ward (aka: the Relief Society), I expanded it's use to describe how I felt about these women as I grew closer to them and came to know them better.

And now?

  • I use it with the Young Women (where I am currently serving). After all, it is a phrase that definitely describes each of these awesome girls!

  • Plus, it's just part of who I am!

05 October 2009

Have You Ever Felt Like...

... the wind has been knocked out of your sails because of something a person said?

... giving someone a piece of your mind because they really have NO IDEA all the lengths that you have done to include everyone?

... ignoring the phone, unplugging the computer, and pretending that you aren't around so that people will leave you alone?

... throwing a fit because you are irritated beyond belief about something that you can not address, no matter how much you really want to, because it would hurt someone's feelings, and that's NOT really what you want to do (really, it's not!)?

... someone was making half-baked judgments and assuming that they "know" a better way to do something, even though they weren't there from the beginning and didn't contribute before?

... screaming at someone to "GET OFF MY BACK" and "STOP PICKING AT ME?"

Me too!

(click here for the story on the above photo)

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