26 November 2008

Twilight: My Reaction, My Opinion

Last night was a girls night out (we missed you D!) and we headed downtown to see the highly anticipated movie version of Twilight. Being a staunch reader, I am ALWAYS (and I mean always) hesitatant when Hollywood puts a book on the big screen. Last night was no exception and I went with high expectations.

With that said, I admit that overall it was a good movie and the storyline was true to the book (a huge sigh of relief from this audience member). However, I had a hard time buying some of the people cast for certain roles. I just wasn't feeling it for a couple of those choices and they didn't sell themselves as the character I imagined them to be.

The actors that did get my vote for selling their characters included those who played Bella (Kristen Stewart), Charlie (BIlly Burke), and all three of the "bad" vampires: James, Laurent, and Victoria. Robert Pattison did a good job, he's just not who I envisioned for Edward, so I'm still working on that one.

The biggest disappointment for me was Jacob Black. In my humble opinion, Taylor Lautner (the actor playing Jacob) did not in any way, shape, or form pull that one off. It could have been the bad wig, the bad lines, or the indiglo white teeth that distracted me from believing that he could ever stand a chance at winning Bella, but whatever the case, he just didn't work for me (remember, this is my humble opinion). I guess we'll see what happens as he undergoes his own transformation!

Although the movie was good, if you haven't read the books, there is so much more to the story than what the big screen can show!

Most of all, I enjoyed a great girls night out at a quality movie, followed by deli-cious dinner! Remember girls, we decided to do this again!

20 November 2008


At this time of year we often stop and think of the blessings that we are grateful to have in our lives. My life is filled with blessings everyday (stay tuned for that list!), but today I want to focus on the gratitude I have for my friends Jennifer and Mary.

We have been working together as the presidency of the Relief Society in our ward for the last 19 months and what an experience that has been! I am so thankful for all of their support, their willingness to serve others, their kindness, their compassion, their patience (they have been working with me, ya know!) and their friendship.

Changes have happened in our organization (funny how the Lord moves you to something else when you are finally getting comfortable!) and Jennifer has been asked to work with the Young Women, while Mary has been asked to work with the Primary. I know that they will be AWESOME where they serve.

Meanwhile I have the chance to work with two more awesome women: Sarah and Becky - and I can't wait to get to know them better!

Although Mary, Jennifer, and I won't be in class together on Sunday (or meeting together on Wednesday), I now understand that Relief Society is the organization for all the women of the church, set apart by the Lord to strengthen us all, no matter where we serve.

Thank you Jennifer and Mary for walking with me so diligently these last 19 months. We have done a lot of good things and I know we will continue to do good things.

I love ya both and I know how much YOU ROCK (especially in pink camo!).

10 November 2008

It's A P.A.R.T.Y (and I'm going)!

Chris over at Just A Girl is hosting a great party all about gifts to give for Christmas.
(click on the picture above to get there).

Although I am "freaking out that Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close" (see earlier post), I did find some pictures of gifts I have given. So, I'm heading to the party and can't wait to see what other people have brought!

Idea 1: A Tad Bit Brighter Acrylic Frames
You need these:

Put them together to get:

Idea # 2: Meaningful Phrases
My seester (aka: my sister) made these first. They are great gifts!

You need these:

Put them together to get:

There are so many great gift ideas for Christmas! Head over to the party and see who brought what, and then add your own ideas!

What I'm Thinking (a random post of thoughts)

  1. Chilly weather makes me lazy... bring on the books, the hot cocoa, and the blanket!
  2. My husband is amazing
  3. I have a great family
  4. I need to keep praying for my family
  5. I am horrible about remembering birthdays... any suggestions on how to improve that?
  6. The FW 3rd ward is filled with awesome people
  7. I hate getting up and I hate going to bed.. Chris put it best, "I love the state I'm in"
  8. Sometimes texting is difficult (especially if you used to teach English)
  9. I am totally freaked out that Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close
  10. Plan of action = if it ain't up by Dec. 1st, I ain't puttin' it up! (and I used to teach English)
  11. My toes are cold, but I don't want to get up and get socks (told you it was random)
  12. Brian is a good editor even though he never taught English (he is standing over my shoulder correcting me as I type)
  13. Life changes constantly
  14. Our cat is getting old
  15. I love a good shoulder rub
  16. I have some really great friends
  17. Mondays are busy days at work
  18. The Lord stretches us
  19. We have the opportunity to grow when we are stretched, even when it's tough
  20. I'm trying to be better

And one last thing I'm thinking.... this list could go on and on and on!

05 November 2008

My Friend Lisa

So, I have been doing this 29-Day Giving Challenge to try to be more aware of opportunities I have to give to others each day.

I love sharing my experiences as I give , but today I want to share how great it feels to be the recipient of a give - especially one that is heartfelt and meaningful.

This give comes from my friend Lisa and it left me speechless and in tears (the speechless part is amazing, I know!).

It is a give that cost nothing but some thought and a little time, it didn't have to be wrapped or delivered in any fancy package, and it meant the world to me when I opened it.

What is this tremendous give?... An email that she sent me.

I can't even begin to tell you how much my heart is touched everytime I read what Lisa wrote, which is why I share it here. This is the perfect example of how something so simple can be so powerful in the day of someone else.

This was Lisa's give to me, which she titled:

"A few gifts that Kirsten has given me...just not in the requisite 29-day time frame"

Gift of Expertise/Professional Knowledge. Kirsten has often provided me literary guidance in referring book series, authors and individual titles to help foster my children's love of reading. Every recommendation has been a "home run" for my kids' growing appetite for books. Her knowledge (and passion!) for children's literature has made me a better & more informed mother (and saved me oodles of time).

Gift of Refuge. When our house was for sale this past summer, I often had to scrub it down and flee at a moment's notice (well, approximately 1/2 hr notice) when a real estate agent wanted to show our home. This also entailed packing my 3 kids into the minivan and finding a place to pass an hour or two. Texas in August is not a place where you can spend 2 hours in a park in the afternoon. One day, I called her while toodling about, and asked if we could possibly come hide out in her home (I was 8 months pregnant at the time, and the captain seat of the van wasn't particularly comfortable. She said yes, and then the kids and I got to spend 2 hours in the quiet, peaceful air-conditioned comfort of her home. And Christian became the 3rd Dansie kid to become a fan of Brian's Coke truck set.

On this same subject, Kirsten's home has provided "refuge" again and again for many of her friends. She thinks that we call her place "peaceful" and "an oasis" just because it is devoid of toy clutter and kid mayhem. But it is much more than that; it is because her home exudes beauty, comfort, peace, welcome, and order. For parties, showers, Conference Scholars, and casual, stop-by gatherings, it truly is a refuge.

Gift of Surprise. In August, Kirsten surprised me with a book. Not just any book, but "Breaking Dawn", within 36 hours of its midnight release. This gift entailed much more than the volume itself. It saved me the time (and related potential headaches) of packing my three kids to go to the store and stand in-line to buy it. It brought me the joy of a VERY unexpected surprise - it has been a long time since someone gave me such a thoughtful, meaningful gift, "just because". It gave me the gift of literary escape, as I devoured it (not until after the Sabbath was over). And perhaps most of all, it increased the gift of friendship which Kirsten has already extended to me - lo these many years - as she (perhaps, alone) fathoms the silly depths of my Edward issue.

Oh, there are many more gifts I could list, but I thought these were pretty good. So, as you pursue your 29-day goal, realize that there are gifts you offer along the way that perhaps you don't recognize.

Love ya,

My friend Lisa... an amazing girl that has been a HUGE part of me getting to the good place that I am now. Our friendship is definitely a blessing in my life, one that I am infinitely thankful for and one that has even survived a change in ward boundaries!

Thank you my friend, I love ya back!

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