19 February 2009

It's Fun to "Be Funky!"

Photo editing can be fun, funky (and free!) at http://www.befunky.com/

Fun and Funky Option 1 = Cartoonize

Change an original picture from this:

to this:

Fun and Funky Option 2 = Warholize

Change an original picture from this:

to this:

There are more fun, funky (and free!) options to play with at this site (just beware of relapsing into B.I.C. Syndrome).

16 February 2009

A Day Off

Oh, what do you do with a day off from school?

You probably managed your time well and got everything done.

But if you're me, you slept in until it was time for...

What you didn't do (but should have!) was...

Despite not doing your chores, you (meaning I) felt HAPPY at the end of the day!

(so who cares if the dishes are still in the sink!)

04 February 2009


I am in Austin at a work-related technology conference for the week and am learning about all sorts of fabulous online resources/tools/toys!

How can I NOT spend time exploring these sites and figuring them out? After all, they will "enhance my teaching" (along with enhancing my "Butt-in-Chair" Syndrome!).

Gotta git - there is more to explore!


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