30 October 2010

Saving money? Being frugal? HOW???

So, B and I are making a HUGE decision in our life that will require some serious sacrifice for the next year so that we can be more debt-free and save enough for the path we want to walk.

The problem is.... ME!

I'm just keeping it real because I am not frugal... at all! I admire people who are and I want to be. I need to be. I should be. I'm just not and I really don't know how to be. But I HAVE to figure it out.

I've checked out some books from the library specifically about women who have learned how to save (and I think that checking these books out from the libary instead of just buying them counts as a "frugal" decision, right!).

I've read some ideas on how to create visual aids to help you see where you spend your money, what your goal is, and how you are doing in accomplishing your saving goal.

I know one of the first things I have to do is STOP EATING OUT so much! Not just to save money and be frugal, but it's not a healthy lifestyle. I'm not going to ban eating out completely, but I definitely need to curb it. That means I have to do something I don't particularly enjoy: cook! (Of course, if anyone wants to be my personal chef for free, I'd take you up on it!)

And now I'm standing here saying "Hi. My name is K and I have a problem saving money."

So, I'm going to start by practicing the art of saying "no, I'm not going to eat out today" and "that's cute but I don't really need it" so that I can help us reach our saving goal. After all, what we want is worth so much more than eating out or shopping in the $1 spot at Target or hitting Hobby Lobby or... well, you get the point!

Of course, if anyone has any practical suggestions or ideas for being more frugal (or learning how to enjoy cooking more!), I welcome your thoughts.

20 October 2010

It's B's Birthday!

I wanted to come up with an idea that would be a super creative, over-the-top, amazing, outstanding, outlandish, incredible, unbelievable, never-been-seen, flat out AWESOME way to celebrate B's birthday and brighten his day.

After all, I love him more than anything and he spoils me a tad bit (just a tad bit, not too much!) so I have been thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and, well...

...today is his birthday and I've got nada!

It doesn't help that I have been sick with this and sick with that for the last two weeks and am zombied out on several different prescriptions.

But maybe, just maybe, the fact that B is swamped with work right now and can't really celebrate with me tonight anyway will give me some extra think time to come up with a PHENOM celebration for when we can celebrate together (FYI: I am currently accepting any and all fabulous ideas in the comments section!).

So, until I come up with something awesome to celebrate this incredible guy...

all I can say is:


You make me happier than I could ever say!

Love, K

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