05 August 2011

And by "Coming Soon," I really meant....

Well, I really meant to actually share our Florida 2011 trip in a timely fashion, but obviously I have been suffering from a case of F.I.B. - you know "Forgetting I Blog" and I have let time slip by in an unacceptable manner for a post that was called "Coming Soon."

It's kinda like the hype of a movie that starts to get promoted LOOOOONNNNGGGG before it actually hits the theaters and then when it's finally released, you are so excited you almost
"pee your knickers" to quote Gordon Ramsey on Hell's Kitchen!

I promise that when it's finally realeased, my Florida production will be filled with so much excitement, adventure, and romance (along with some danger) that you will be so glad you have stuck through the wait!

Florida 2011 promises to be so much more adventurous than oh, this movie:

It will surely be more romantic than this movie:

And it could even be more exciting and dangerous than this film:

Okay, maybe not! But there are sure some really awesome and exciting experiences that I can't wait to share in Florida 2011, which really is "Coming Soon!"

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