23 July 2009

Back from Boston

Pictures and info coming soon on our most fantabulous trip to Boston, where the weather was awesome, the food was delicious, the sites were incredible, and we had the chance to spend time with Brian's aunts, uncle, and cousins.

Too bad that reality has returned (along with the laundry and the chores!).

But, pictures will be shared - there are some great ones that would just be too selfish to keep to myself!

09 July 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

What a great birthday I had this year! I was overwhelmed by how many people even cared.

Thank you to everyone for making birthday #34 a day in my life that I'll always adore!

Thoughtful gifts:

Dinner with my family (on Sunday):

Maddy entertains us:

Dinner with the Murphy's (on Monday):

06 July 2009

The Smallest Things...

... Matter Most!

I admit it - I'm a girl who likes gifts. I pretend that I am better than that and that I don't think material gifts are important, but get real... I.Am.A.Girl. Don't we all like gifts? (if you Are.A.Girl and don't like gifts, keep it to yourself!).

But sometimes, although I like material gifts, they can seriously be trumped.

Like when your husband (who you started dating when you were much hotter at 16 than you sometimes feel now that you just turned 34) turns to you in the car while you two are running errands, smiles at you, and says with a look of total sincerity and love says:

"Your hair looks really cute."

And.Then.You.Melt. because you know you have married The.Perfect.Man. and you know that this is just another example of why you love him with all your heart (plus, he's super hot!).

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