10 August 2008

A problem

I have a problem. Well, I have lots of problems (no commentary on that from any members of the peanut gallery) but this is a problem that distracts me from family, friends, and life when it takes over. The problem I have? Books.

How can books be a problem? Well, for me the problem is that when I have a good book waiting to be read, I have to finish it. No closing it up for the night and coming back to it tomorrow. No bookmarks to keep my place. Nope, if it's good and I like it, I have to get to the end right away. It's a problem! But not necessarily a bad problem, right (no comment, Brian!).

The problem recently surfaced with a newly published book called Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. It's the most recent book in the Twilight saga, which is about true love and oh yeah, vampires (you should read it, mom!).

In all honesty, it took me awhile to get into the whole vampire saga that enflamed the literary world with the publication of Twilight, but once I cracked the spine I too became hypnotized and found myself unable to do anything but read until it was over. Since then I have "devoured" each book in the series as it has been published. (Obviously this post calls for "vampire" related terminology!).

This book has been sitting on my table waiting and waiting for me to open it up so that I could be swept back into the world of Bella, Edward, and Jake. My literary friends, who have found themselves "sinking" into the pages of this book, have been waiting for me to get it read.

However, being the responsible grown-up that I am (or at least that I'm supposed to be), I actually ignored the book for days because I had so many things that had to be done. Reality check: being responsible was "draining" because all I wanted to do was curl up and read.

So last night, that's what I did. I opened the book at 5:30 pm (have you ever noticed that a new book smells good when you open it!) and that was it, Breaking Dawn had a hold of my literary "jugular!" I moved from room to room, from one spot to another around the house until finally, I closed it at 3:30 am with a tremendous sense of satisfaction that it was all good!

What a marvelous way to spend a Friday night (or any night when there are no other distractions or responsibilities). But now you can see that books really can be a problem - at least for me! Thank goodness Brian loves me despite my problem!

4 Cheers (not Jeers!):

mamachristi said...

Can you say, "PSYCHO BOOK READER!!!" That's what I love about you, because.......I do that too!!! OMG!!!!

Jenny said...

Yes, this is you...crazy...about books, of course! :) I guess I'm glad my illness came when it did so that I did not keep you distracted from your true passion.

I love you, sis! And I'm glad you love books so much! Thanks for a delectably delicious dinner to feed my truly inner American! :)

And GO TEAM USA!!!!!

The Sturgills said...

I am still reading. I know, right? So unlike me - I've had the book a week for cryin' out loud! But I've noticed Maddy doesn't care too much if I want to do something else - she demands attention. And while I would love to let her sit in her filth, or cry from hunger pains, alas, I cannot. So, I do not (and never will) consider your book obsession to be a problem! It's because of you I started reading this series! Many thanks (& I'm sure Mike sends his thanks too)...


Andi Mae said...

Whoa. You. Go. Girl.

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