05 December 2009

Sing with me

Pause the music player at the bottom so you can keep the tune in your head while you sing...

Kirsten's Version of "Jingle Bells!"

Dashing through the door
Christmas is on it's way
the days will quickly go
laughing on their way.

The boxes must come down
we'll decorate tonight (NOT!)
the ornaments and shiny things
will dress our house up bright.

Oh... December Days, December Days
they fly by in a haze
the hardest thing for me to do
is to avoid the craze.

December Days, December Days
I want to use them well
if anyone knows how I can
please leave a note and tell!

So... with all of the busyness of the season how are YOU managing your December Days?

3 Cheers (not Jeers!):

April said...

LoVe the song! Unfortunately I don't have any tips for you, but you can bet I'll be checking back to see if anyone else leaves some great advice. =)

Kira said...

This year is so different for us bc we are so very poor now but I think it makes December much better when we aren't so worried about what we are getting each other but just so excited for finals to be over so we can spend time together!

It has also been fun to be surrounded by friends who are in our same situation...we get together and make cute things for our families. I have really enjoyed this Christmas and it has just begun!

Jenny said...

How I'm going to "manage" Christmas this year:

With a butterknife, or moving car tires...


LOVE your song!

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