24 February 2008

A Bright Spot

I am so grateful for the many good friends that I am blessed to have in my life. Our hearts are touched permanently by people who love us, care about us, and accept us for who we are (despite obvious short-comings). My friends bless my life each and everyday and I am grateful for such a blessing.

Tonight my dear friend Judy called from Washington and how great it was to spend time catching up and chatting about all sorts of things. From family, to books, to educational "stuff" that only educators can enjoy, to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest (and my feelings of jealousy because I'd love to be up there) our conversation was filled!

What a bright spot it was to talk to my friend! I am so thankful that Judy is so thoughtful (and persistent) that she would call until she caught me this weekend. Thanks for ending my evening on a happy note! I love ya, my friend!

Of course, just because I love ya, doesn't mean I won't share some fun pictures of ya with everyone else!

So, here are The Many Faces of My Friend Judy!

Judy as Little Red Riding Hood...
Hey, when we study Fractured Fairy Tales, costumes are required!

Reading Day Characters -
Judy poses as Coach Viola Swamp from Miss Nelson Has a Field Day.

A typical activity at a school retreat organized by our own DD.
Judy makes a beautiful toilet paper bride... of Frankenstein!

Oliver K. Woodman.. a true gift of love and friendship!
Thanks, Jeff! Oliver will soon wander again!

Survival food for a sleepover.
Who knew Judy could stay up ALL NIGHT!

The hardest things we do help us build character.
Saying goodbye was really hard.

I am so glad our friendship is not limited by physical distance!
After all, WA and TX aren't TOO far apart (in the technology world, that is!).

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