17 February 2008

UGH - Another tag by Jennif!

The ABC's of "K"
A-attached or single? Attached - forever!
B-best friend? Brian
C-cake or pie? Pie
D-day of choice? Anyday I can sleep in late!
E-essential item? a good book
F-favorite color? purple, red, lime green
G-gummy bears or worms? HARIBO gummy bears
H-hometown? Fort Worth
I-favorite indulgence? Toblerone candy bar
J-January or July? July (those fireworks have always been for MY birthday, right?)
K-kids? nope. Only other people's :)
L-life isn't complete without? a good back scratch
M-marriage date? June 10, 1995 (sealed on November 28, 2003)
N-number of brothers and sisters? 1 sis, 3 bros
O-oranges or apples? Haven't really been able to eat apples since a tramautic childhood experience (thanks, dad!) and I hate to peel oranges, so...
P-phobias and fears? Phone calls that require responsibility!
Q-quote? "When push comes to shove, you taste what you're made of" and of course, the ever-present "OY!"
R-reason to smile? I am blessed everyday
S-season of choice? Seasons - in Texas? There are no seasons!
T-tag 3 people. Hum.... we've addressed this before!
U-unknown fact about me? I'm really shy and reserved! Really... I am... seriously...
V-vegetable? Asparagus or artichokes (don't forget the melted butter)
W-worst habit? Staying up too late, speaking before thinking, being opinionated, the list goes on!
X-x-ray or ultrasound? Neither - I'd be at the doctor for either one and I try to avoid that place!
Y-your favorite food? Mexican (my veins run red with salsa)
Z-zodiac sign? Cancer

ABC - all about "B"
A-attached or single? Attached!
B-best friend? Kirsten, of course
C-cake or pie? Cake - yellow with chocolate icing!
D-day of choice? Saturdays
E-essential item? bed
F-favorite color? blue
G-gummy bears or worms? bears
H-hometown? Fort Worth
I-favorite indulgence? fudge
J-January or July? July
K-kids? nope.
L-life isn't complete without? bacon
M-marriage date? the same as K!
N-number of brothers and sisters? 1 sis, 4 bros
O-oranges or apples? oranges
P-phobias and fears? neither (well, besides being old!)
Q-quote? "Baby steps." (can you name the movie!)
R-reason to smile? December 2008 (I see a black robe, funny hat, and a stage with diploma!)
S-season of choice? Spring
T-tag 3 people. I follow the same rules as K on this one
U-unknown fact about me? it remains unknown - even to me!
V-vegetable? potato - it's so versatile!
W-worst habit? fidgeting my legs (K concurs on this one!)
X-x-ray or ultrasound? x-ray
Y-your favorite food? pizza
Z-zodiac sign? Libra

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Jenny said...

(FWY: "Oi.")

What about B.O.B.
(Yes, what about)

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