19 May 2009

How did it happen?

I know that there are some of my friends who will be upset when I say it, but for me...


As exciting as that is, how did it happen?

This year has flown by. Seriously! This has been a "kick the bird out of the nest, now it's off and flying, but hey...where did it go" kind of year.

I like that the year was filled with so many great things and neat experiences. But man, if time keeps flying by in this "crazy-busy" way (I'm quoting my blog stalker, Mary!) than there will be NO amount of magic that my friend and awesome hairdresser, Rochelle, can use to fix the color of my hair.

So...I'll have time away from school, but how do I make the most of it? After all, summertime flies even faster than school time!

I have several things to do professionally that will help me in my job (plus, I really don't know how to actually "have the summer off" and none of my friends do, either!)...and there are always things around the house that HAVE to get done now because they don't get done in the fall... but I want to enjoy the time available to me this summer.

I want to savor the time. I want to appreciate the time. I don't want to suddenly look at the calendar, realize it's back to school and think.... "what the" (see previous post for more details on this phrase).

It's not easy for me to slow down. I feel like I should always be busy. So any suggestions? All are appreciated!

12 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Danielle said...

You do always feel like you should be busy and you stretch yourself so thin. I hate it for you. :( I would say, um, maybe wake up a bit earlier during the summer, and spend 1/2 the day doing something you need to do, and the other half doing something you want to, including spending time with your niece!!!

Kirsten said...

D -

Great suggestions! I think I'll try these suggestions - especially the "spend time with my niece!"


Jenny said...

Live by this quote:
"Enjoy the little things in life. There's plenty of time to be dead."

And don't speed up the process by wearing yourself out too quick. Don't be dead to taking time to enjoy, either. Just like Utah--it's okay to "miss out on the sessions" so you can take in the whole environment of "the sessions" and all it has to offer. Think of that duck who was randomly not in a pond but thought he was. He loved life. And we loved life because we took the time to see him.

Kira said...

Take a nap. It is the best way to slow life down and I can think so much clearer after one.

lalalaleesa said...

Come swim with my at the LMRA with my kids! Water and sun, sun and water is the best summer therapy. Go on Saturday AM walks on the Trinity Trail down near the Sprouse's home. Go to a Fort Worth cats game and immerse yourself in the Americana of baseball and fireworks. Go downtown to watch movies - they are better at that cool old-fashioned downtown theater. Pick a book you've wanted to read AGAIN (guilty pleasure) and enjoy it (like say, Harry Potter before the movie comes out in July). Go for walks around your neighborhood with Brian when its dusk on weeknights, just because you can. That's when people's garden flowers smell their best.

Danielle said...

um, lalaleesa, i will come swim with you and your kids!!! :)

and what is this about a duck?

and kira, i have to disagree with you - when i take a nap (rare) the day flies by too quick and then i have guilt b/c i wasted the day away! may not be rational, but it's how i feel. :(

Kirsten said...


First, update your blog please!

Second, I will totally go swimming with you and the kids this summer. As long as you will promise to be my friend even after seeing my pasty-white, not-in-such-great-shape self wearing a swimsuit!

Third, did you sign up to go to the "LDS Friends and Family Night" at the Cats game that Beardsley was passing around?

Fourth, I have a whole stack of NEW books to read this summer, but I definitely might need to make time to revisit my old friend Harry before seeing him again on the big screen. Eeeewwww... Eeeeewwww... Eeeewwww.. let's plan a girls' night at the movies!

And finally, thanks for all the suggestions. Now, go update your blog!

Kirsten said...

D -

Ah, the duck. I will post a detailed story about the duck! The connection Jenny made to our friend, Mr. Duck, and enjoying life deserves it's own post!

And speaking of the "Friends and Family Night" at the Cats game, we were going to see if you and Mike and the Madster (I just made that up!) wanted to go. So, I'll give you more details in person.

Kirsten said...


I LOVE naps! But I don't wake up well. I think Chris said it best one time when he and I were talking about our problem with hating to go to bed, but then hating to wake up.

He said "I guess I just like whatever state I'm in." I totally use that all the time because that is exactly how I feel!

I can promise you, though, that naps will certainly be a part of my summer!

~Rachel said...

I'll trade you summers :)

I know you have already paid your dues in school and now you get to enjoy the fruits(summer) of your labor. So enjoy.

andi said...

Woo HOO for summer!!! Let's see- I have no problem not being too busy, so I can't help you there. Maybe take up crocheting- it's kind of relaxing and does pass the time!

Lois Brown said...

Just enjoy.....rest, relax, and I'm sure your church calling will still keep you busier than it should!!!!! So just enjoy the rest!

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