11 April 2009

Catch Phrase

Everyone needs a catch phrase.

Come on, you know that you need something to say at those times when no matter how hard you try and no matter who helps out, things just don't go as planned. In fact, sometimes despite our best efforts, things just fall apart. (Psssttt... you aren't the only one this happens to!)

Hence, the need for a catch phrase... a mantra... something to help you avoid finishing the famous "what the..." phrase with a "less than positive" word.

Some examples of good catch phrases include: "What the HECK" (note the use of a POSITIVE word to finish it!). "You've got to be kidding" and "Are you SERIOUS" work well in many situations. Occasionally, an "Oh, Man" or a well-placed "Indeed" can do the trick, but sometimes a situation just needs a good ole' solid shouting of "Jiminy Christmas" (my father-in-law's favorite to use when he was alive)!

I personally love the catch phrase Joseph B. Wirthlin shared in his final conference address (FYI: for some reason Blogger won't correctly embed the actual video in my post so it can be played... a perfect example of how things don't go as planned!)

His catch phrase, "Come What May and Love It" helped him out many times during his long life (proof that if an apostle of the Lord needs a catch phrase, then we all need one!).

For me the catch phrase I use during those less-than-stellar moments when things just don't go as planned, has become "it is what it is." The best part is that I didn't even know I had a catch phrase for those moments until Brian pointed it out tonight.

I'm glad to know I have a catch phrase I can go to during those moments! After all...


(So, what's YOUR catch phrase?)

9 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Lois Brown said...

I think mine must be "Are you kidding me" for when things to do as planned. followed closely by 'are you for real?'. My new favorite mantra when I start getting down on myself comes from MaryAnn Stephens who we both know and love that came from her husband "I think You're telling yourself the wrong story".

I too loved Elder Worthlin's "come what may and love it" and have repeated that several times as well.

I have heard you say "it is what it is" and thats a goody!

Loved your post!

Lois Brown said...

my first sentance doesn't make sense...I guess i can't type..how funny is that. It is suppose to say.......

"Are you kidding me?" for when things don't go as planned! Whew! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I can't even make my comments right yikes!

Jenny said...

Ok brain, mine is this, too. Of course...:) That's how we roll!

lalalaleesa said...

Um, the family phrase is in your blog, so I won't repost it. My personal would probably be "oh my holy cow", followed closely by "indeed". Funny, I just reread Elder Wirthlin's talk a couple of mornings ago. I have been trying harder to laugh when I want to complain. I don't think he meant an evil, maniacal laugh.

Danielle said...

What did we decide another one was? "Do what you can do, and then be done." Something like that. I think you need to pay special attention to the brilliant words that come from my mouth. Srsly. I'm smart.

Danielle said...

And holy crap, K! If your head doesn't explode from doing that other blog / yahoo group /etc, I will die of shock!!

(I was going to leave this comment on there, but realized it didn't represent the Savior very well. So that's why it's here.)


Kirsten said...

Danielle.... you ARE srsly smart, as a matter of fact, you're a "GENIUS!" (but in a good way, of course!).

As for the other blog and yahoo group - the group pretty well runs itself, people participate when they want to, and I have plans to work with our RS publicity specialist to be another author for the RS blog (that's right, Ashley... we must speaka-soona!). So, hopefully my head won't explode (at least not from bloggin!).

Bobbi said...

This isn't really a catch phrase, but I read it in a book once, and have never forgotten it.
"She that will not, when she may;
when she would, she shall have nay."
Maybe I like it so much because I feel it really applies to me and the life I've lived, thus far.

Bobbi said...

Oh, another favorite, that my dad used to say. "I've already told you more than I know."

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