23 November 2009

Hip Hip Hooray, it's time for a vacay!

'Tis the season of thanks, and as I have mentioned before how grateful I am for my fantastic career. Well, today I am also really grateful that I get the entire week of Thanksgiving off from that wonderful job!

I appreciate the time to enjoy the beauty of the season, to get things done around my house, to visit with friends and family, to relax, to do whatever I want!

It's day #1 of our Thanksgiving break and today I: helped a friend rearrange her classroom, had lunch with B, cleaned my house, and done laundry. Productivity feels great!

And although this is a week away from school, I am committed to spending some time on a large work-related project that is never really complete... you know, READING!

Ah, the bliss of time off in the fall!

2 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Jenny said...

I want to click the "like" button. But this is the wrong social media site for that. :) I like this post, though!! Enjoy your time off!

Kira said...

I am so excited for vacation too. I won't know what to do with Chris actually being around!!!! Maybe I will make him clean the house and do the laundry..

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