20 October 2010

It's B's Birthday!

I wanted to come up with an idea that would be a super creative, over-the-top, amazing, outstanding, outlandish, incredible, unbelievable, never-been-seen, flat out AWESOME way to celebrate B's birthday and brighten his day.

After all, I love him more than anything and he spoils me a tad bit (just a tad bit, not too much!) so I have been thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and, well...

...today is his birthday and I've got nada!

It doesn't help that I have been sick with this and sick with that for the last two weeks and am zombied out on several different prescriptions.

But maybe, just maybe, the fact that B is swamped with work right now and can't really celebrate with me tonight anyway will give me some extra think time to come up with a PHENOM celebration for when we can celebrate together (FYI: I am currently accepting any and all fabulous ideas in the comments section!).

So, until I come up with something awesome to celebrate this incredible guy...

all I can say is:


You make me happier than I could ever say!

Love, K

1 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Bobbi said...

Happy Birthday again, to a good man. ( with a good wife, of course)
I hope is was great, you deserve it.
I wish there were two of you..........

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