12 May 2008

My mom

Do you know my mom? Her name is Peggy (not Margaret!), she married my dad - even after he jumped out of a tree and scared her to death when he landed on her car (he thought it was a buddy's car!), she has 5 children (of which I am the oldest, bless her heart!), and she has 7 precious grandchildren she loves very much.

Oh yeah, she also has quite an interesting personal history, which reveals more and more about her as she diligently records it for all of us to enjoy.

I have had the chance to know her for almost (but not quite!) 33 years now, and since today is Mother's Day, I thought I'd take a minute to highlight 10 great qualities I love about my mom...

  1. She has always loved me, even when I was a "difficult" teenager (I know, it's hard to believe that I was ever "difficult," but there were a couple of days!)
  2. She is patient and kind.
  3. She thinks staying up late is okay.
  4. She is always willing to help - even when the request is sometimes a "bit" last minute.(Okay, MOST of the time!)
  5. In conjunction with # 4 - she can whip together GREAT costumes in a pinch!
    (I would not be "The Queen" without her help).
  6. She is mega-creative (see # 4 and # 5).
  7. She is an avid (or maybe rabid!) reader! (Thanks for setting this example, it has served me well.)
  8. She thinks I'm great (even when I'm not).
  9. She always knew that Jenny and I would be friends... one day!
  10. She has an amazing testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ and I KNOW she loves Him!

Thanks mom for letting me grow into who I am today (even though there were several valleys to cross along the way).

I love you and hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!

1 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Jenny said...

I just want to say, Mom, everything Kirsten said is so true!!! I love you and I'm so grateful you're my mom!!!

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