21 April 2008

The Finale (finally!)

Being gone last week put me a bit behind on my blog (not that I do a terribly good job of keeping up, but I was working on it).

So, my finale (finally!) for my list of 101 Everyday Joys

91. Being safe during severe Texas weather (aka: tornados and hail)
92. My family being safe during severe Texas weather
93. My friends being safe during severe Texas weather
94. My house staying intact during severe Texas weather
95. Sleeping peacefully after a night of severe Texas weather

Okay... I know... enough of the severe Texas weather, but these are some real joys that I felt after last week's storms.

96. No pressure to be anywhere or to do anything
97. Homemade guacamole (thanks for the recipe, Tracy!)
98. Freebies from conference
99. Being missed by others when you are gone
100. Receiving a compliment and knowing it is sincere
101. Being able to recognize how blessed I am EVERYDAY!

1 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Jenny said...

All of your gratefuls about the Texas storms were once again validated last night! I told Mom we all need to move. Then I realized, I really like it here. :)

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