09 March 2009

I've fallen off the blogosphere (can I get back up?)

I have fallen off of the blogosphere... but did anyone really notice?

My blog postings have obviously not been updated in awhile. Why? Too many things to do, too little sleep already, and too much to worry about. Reflecting on this has made me wonder: why do I blog?

I started this because it was a way to keep in touch with friends and family (and believe me, I do my fair share of "blog lurking" on a regular basis, even when I don't update my own site). Through blogging I have found a whole new world of great people who share great ideas and let me get to know them better. But I have also found that sometimes the blog world shows me just how inadequate I am in a lot of areas.

I pop in and out of great sites all the time and see other houses that are more "put together" than mine, other people's perfectly planned weekly menus, uber-creative geniuses, and so much more that I am not. And again the question: why do I blog?

I guess it boils down to this: I can't keep a "real" journal to save my life (why that is, I don't know) and blogging let's me feel like I am creating a record of who I am and what my life is about - at least when I update - and that is important to me.

I don't have the extensive list of "followers" like some of the blogs I lurk around, and I don't even know if anyone is interested in the ramblings that I post, but I guess I'll keep blogging so that I can feel like I am "journaling" in some way, shape, or form.

For anyone who may want to sound off, the questions are :

  1. Why do YOU blog?
  2. Do you ever feel inferior as you visit the blogosphere?

9 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Danielle said...

Um, quite obviously, I've noticed. But were you really talking to me? Too bad. :)

I started my blog as a way to keep record of what was going on in our family - what we'd been up to, what Maddy was doing, etc. But that became far too much of a burden - we are TOO busy! So I kind of changed it up to just whatever. I want to write about anything - what I'm thinking / feeling / etc. - more often than not, it's about motherhood (even though I feel so much more than that, but whatever).

*I think* your weakness in blog stalking is seeing how people organize / decorate their home. I love looking at that too, but I guess my focus of inferiority is a bit different...

I feel inferior ALL. THE. TIME. Mike gets so mad when I succumb to B.I.C. and spend an evening on the PC. More often than not, I turn the computer off and realize I'm grouchy!!! Why? Because people out there in the big, wide world are cuter, skinnier, dress better, and do fun things 24/7!! Plus, they all have money, their husbands are done with school, and they are fantastic women!!! UGH. It can be very discouraging.

Mike thinks that it's all a lie - that these people I read about can't really have that good of a life. He thinks they're only blogging about the good stuff, while I blog about everything, good and bad. Is he right? I have no idea. But when I start to get discouraged, I realize I need to step away from the computer and go start making some memories instead of writing about them.

Danielle said...

Wow. That was the longest comment I've ever left. Lucky YOU!

Lois Brown said...

I miss it very much when you don't blog. Sometimes I totally feel inferior as well when visiting other blogs. But mostly it just helps me to see that everyone is the same. Same worries, same concerns, same joy, just the same, even though all of our circumstances are very different.

And it is a way of keeping a record of your life.

I started it for that reason as a fun way to keep my personal history going. But I have since realized that it is not a journal as so many people can publically read it....so there are things I can't post about....like Allison's new courtship or she would kill me. I can't share my feelings about that even though I would love to blog about how you wait for the day and wait for the day for one of your daughters to say "I'm getting married" and then when it finally happens how you cry, and are scared, and worry and pray harder than you have ever in your life

And I do try to only tell positive things that are happening. Or if their are trials not talk about them until there is the blessing and lesson learned to talk about with it. But I don't that that is all bad either.

However, once and a while to be honest about things I do say....this was a crapy day! ha!

I don't have a billion followers and yet I check all the time to see see what my friends do have to say on comments and feel bad sometiems when no one does, which happens a lot. But then I too had to ask myself the question, why am I blogging. And it is all about keeping in touch with friends and family...but more importantly a personal record for me. So now I don't worry so much about comments even though when I get them I love it. I'm always suprised sometimes which ones people will comment on and then which ones no one does. But like I said...now it is just another way for my girls to know what is going one and other extended family and friends. It's more about those relationships. and keeping in touch.

But please know....I check all the time to see if you have updated, because I really do look forward to hearing what you have to say! I admire you and value your friendship deeply....

Your testimony and strength and compassionate service is a example for us all. There is a time and season for all things. Right now your time is to be the RS president and not have as much time on your home etc... that you would like to have. Then maybe later when your not the RS President with all those worries and responsibilities gone your priority can be making your home what you wish it could be...however I don't know how it could be any more organized or nicer. It is beautiful.

anyway, I think I have rambled on enough. But very though provoking post. I'm not even sure if it made any sense! ha!

Lois Brown said...

O.K. i just read my post and saw all my typos! Wow, hope you can figure out what i was saying Yeesh! It would be nice if i could type! ha-ha!

Lois Brown said...

Oh, and one last thing...the example I gave of what I can't blog about whas all Hypothetical of course!

Anonymous said...

I actually have a blog. I wrote in it once and never went back. For me, I found I couldn't truly journal - in full honesty - about my life. I remember hearing someone say once that we should write write what we want to others to know in our journals (i.e. positive stuff, good days, spiritual moments), and everything else in our "diaries" and then burn the latter at some point. The thing is, I think that is a false record, and ends up having the effect on those that read it that Danielle describes above. You think you're the "only one" who's chronically behind in laundry, lost her temper, is sure there's a bunny-hutch of dust bunnies under her bed, trembles at the mention of food storage, made one home-made dinner this week, over-eating, struggling to fulfill her church callings, feeling lonely or forgotten, hates what she sees in the mirror, etc. I think Facebook has the same effect. But that's a whole girls' night out conversation. Actually just a me-and-you at Sonic conversation. I'm like Danielle - BIC usually leads to depression, and I don't think that's limited to women. that's my spout for today.

Jenny said...

Amen, amen, amen. I am so grateful for the validation that really insecurities are something satan puts out there for ALL of us. The lack of comments, the lack of "measuring up" (by some really faulty, skewed, non-existent measuring stick that we create ourselves, BTW)...etc! It just goes on and on. The reality is, we all pretty much really ARE rock stars. We don't just all want to be big rock stars, and we DON'T really want the life associated with living in hillside mansions, driving 15 cars, etc. Because we're so dang enough! And crappy days happen anyway. But we're still so, so, so enough. At least with blogs we can all occasionally catch up, without having to send out a bilion letters (lost art) or emails.

I love you sis! There are so many things I gain from being around you, and from all of us other "imperfect" people with the dust bunnies and size-too-large jeans!

Danielle said...

Um, can I hang out with anonymous?

Krista said...

I blog so I remember to keep a positive attitude - always looking for SOMETHING good to post about. Cause really, who wants to read about someones downer life?
I am also the only member of my family that doesn't live in Alberta, Canada anymore (I moved to Texas almost 10 years ago) and it's an easy way to keep everyone in the loop without calling them ALL.

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