15 July 2010

The B&K Dust Bowl

A lot of dusting and cleaning and dusting and cleaning has been going on over here at "The House of B&K" since the pipe-job was completed last week. As we make our way room by room, I am amazed that even though all the doors were closed and thick plastic was put down, the dust from the foundation being jackhammered is EVERYWHERE!

No surface was safe (even B&K were both covered in the gritty particles of the dust) and now although we are still waiting for the carpet to be tacked back down (fingers crossed for tomorrow!), "The House of B&K" has moved into clean-up mode following what we will now refer to as... "The B&K Dust Bowl."

Furniture has been moved, shelves cleared, closets thrown open - all in an attempt to get things shiny, sparkly, and dust-free. Of course, B is a tremendous help, but the big shout-outs of appreciation have to go to our good friends, Swiffer and Pledge, who have shown up everyday and worked and worked until they are "worn out." Thanks you guys, you are rockstars in "The House of B&K!"

Now I'm off to rest before the dawn breaks on a new day and the quest for clean continues (never has "The House of B&K" seemed so B.I.G.). I just hope that I'll be working around the carpet-layer (is that what you call the guy who can tack your carpet back in place?) and that things can be as shiny and bright as possible for my bro and his family who will be guests at "The House of B&K" for the next week. Good thing they're family - 'cuz maybe they'll forgive me if things aren't quite up to the standards of a good, old fashioned bed-n-breakfast. After all, I'm just hoping for dust-free!

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