07 July 2010

Dear Professional Plumber...

Did you notice the shiny white bathroom? How about the lemony-fresh scent of Lysol? Did you see that I followed your suggestions to remove anything from the walls that I didn't want to get dusty?

Well, I did it all to help make your job of replacing the 'y' joint of our bathroom pipes as easy as possible after you have to roll back our carpet and chisel into our foundation in the middle of our hallway.

And now I would like to thank you in advance for doing such a good job, for hanging plastic to prevent dust from overwhelming us, for being so excellent that it wasn't necessary to "chase" any pipe (fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed), for working so quickly, and for getting the city inspector lined up to come check your work in a timely fashion so that the hole in our floor could be closed up by Friday.

Of course, I'll properly thank you once you finally get here today to get this party started!

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