20 February 2011

The Love of My Life

The love of my life is...
  • kind

  • patient

  • concerned about others

  • hard-working

  • dependable

  • strong

  • handy

  • dedicated

  • funny

  • loving

  • righteous

  • encouraging

  • well-liked

  • talented

  • smart

  • a good example

  • accepting

  • incredible

  • fun

  • amazing

  • HOT!!!!

The love of my life...

  • cooks (so much better than I!)

  • cleans

  • keeps the yard looking good

  • works

  • rubs my back

  • rubs my feet

  • listens

  • understands me (even when I don't understand myself)

  • pays bills and tracks our finances

  • hangs out with my family

  • loves his mom

  • calls me during the day just to say hi

  • watches chic flicks with me

  • has beaten me at Scrabble more times than I want to admit

  • loves Baker City as much as I do (and that is HUGE in my life)

  • knows that I love spending time with my seester

  • goes to the bookstore with me as part of date night

  • laughs at the irony of my library fines

  • enjoys good Tex-Mex as much as I do

  • loves children, is an AWESOME uncle, and I know that someday, when we are finally blessed to have children, he will be an AWESOME dad!

The love of my life is...

  • my rock

  • my confidante

  • my best friend

  • my partner in grime (and crime!)

  • my eternal companion

  • my happiness

The love of my life is B and he is EVERYTHING to me!

3 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Anonymous said...

Just an adorable tribute - and so true about what a solid, good guy Brian is. Every spouse should write such things out, at least on an annual basis, so that the "love of their life" knows how they feel about them.

Bobbi said...

I think you guys make a wonderful pair. Yesterday our Stake President said to "fiercely love your companion."
Seems to me that you have 'that' whipped!!♥

Danielle said...

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