06 June 2011

I have issues!

... Blogger issues! Thus, the lack of posts.

I am trying to figure out why all of a sudden my posts are sometimes formatted the way I want them to be, and sometimes they are not and everything looks like one big run-on paragraph (highly annoying to this former 6th-grade Language Arts teacher).

So, if anyone knows what the french toast is going on here and how it might be fixed, help this girl out, 'cuz the lack of formatting is making me K-razy (and that's not the kind of K I like to be!).

2 Cheers (not Jeers!):

andi said...

AMEN! This is the same reason I haven't blogged as much either...it makes me nuts!

Danielle said...

i hope you get it figured out, i really wanna see more from oregon!

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