11 June 2011

It's our sweet 16th!

16th year of marriage, that is!

How is it possible that we are celebrating 16 years of marriage when we are still just kids?

Okay, I know I'm not really a kid anymore (and my good friend who is my hair stylist knows I'm not a kid anymore, either because she has to work really hard to cover up my "natural" highlights!), but I still feel like a kid!

So, if I still feel like a kid (or at least a young adult), how in the heck can I be celebrating 16 years of marriage to this awesome guy:

I guess time flies when you spend your life with a guy who:

  • makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world - every.single.day.

  • always listens to you

  • NEVER offers unsolicited solutions to your problems (well, most of the time!)

  • loves you in spite of any quirks you might have (not that I have any!)

  • encourages you to pursue your goals

  • supports you every step of the way as you work toward achieving those goals

  • recognizes the good in you (even when you don't see it yourself)

  • cheers and cries right alongside you in good times and bad

  • defends you when you need to be defended (even when you are your own worst critic)

  • accepts your obsession with candles and books and fun papers and books and candles with only a slight roll of the eyes (did I mention a slight obsession with books?)

  • thinks you are the best teacher to walk the halls of the school

  • has helped you pack and move and pack and move your collection of classroom materials, teaching resources and um, just a few books, when you have had opportunities to change positions or schools

  • takes you to amazing places like Niagara Falls, the coast of Oregon, Boston, and more

  • drives many miles out of the way to take you to a small coastal restaurant so you can enjoy the incredible Dungeness Crab sandwiches you were introduced to during a previous road trip with your great-aunt and great-uncle

  • knows that Girls Night is important to your emotional well-being and encourages you to organize and participate in these events with your friends

  • watches Chic Flicks with you without flinching (even though Gone With the Wind, your all-time favorite movie, is one he hasn't experienced yet)

  • knows how important your family is to you and willingly spends time with them

  • understands that you and your sister "share a brain" and embraces the fact that the two of you are inseperable a lot of the time

  • is an AWESOME uncle

  • shares the same values and the same beliefs as you

  • strengthens your faith and testimony in God and in His Son, Jesus Christ by being a powerful example of righteousness

  • prays with you every single night and every single morning

  • tells you how much he loves you every.single.day.

  • makes you laugh (proof is in the picture....)

No wonder time has flown by so quickly in our marriage!

Thank you, B, for 16 sweet (and often times, sassy!) years of marriage.

We really were "kids" when we said "I Do" and in the 16 years we have already shared since that day (not to mention the 3 years we dated before we made it official), we have had some incredible moments!

I am so grateful that even as we have faced some truly hard trials, you make "our song" come to life for me. And so, I will "cross my heart and promise to give all I've got to give to make all YOUR dreams come true" as we continue in our journey together.

I thank Heavenly Father every single day for the blessing of our marriage and for our amazing relationship, and I look forward to an eternity filled with creating more great moments and memories together as B&K!

I love you.

3 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Danielle said...

happy anniversary! we love you guys!

Lois Brown said...

Congratulations!!! Happy Happy Anniversary! It's wonderfult to watch two people so devoted to each other!!!

Bobbi said...

You guys are so lucky to have found one another in this sometimes, crazy world. Congratulations!!

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