18 June 2011

TACO time

You thought I meant this kind of taco time, didn't ya:

Sorry, but this is not about the delicious crispy beef taco!

This post is about the syndrome of TACO time and no , this syndrome has nothing to do with my dependance upon the crispy beef taco and hot sauce for survival (that's another post!).

As you read through this post, you may recognize the syndrome of TACO time in your own life. If not, I need you to call me right away 'cuz I need help and you can be my own personal Lucy:

Anyway, as I was saying, you may recognize TACO time in your own life if you look like this:

or this:

or maybe even this:

If any of these look familiar, I hate to tell you, but you're suffering from TACO time too (maybe we could start a group!).

So, what exactly is TACO time if it isn't related to delicious crispy beef tacos?

Quite simply, TACO time is feeling Totally And Completely Overwhelmed,and it is not to be taken lightly, as its effects are far-reaching and quite powerful.

Now does it sound familiar?

I know that since it's summer there might be some people who think there should be no TACO time in my life right now (except for the crispy beef and hot sauce variety, but remember, that's a different post!). I mean really, as an educator, I "get the summer's off" right (that phrase shall be a topic for another night).

The reality for me is that sometimes TACO time is actually worse in the summer because there are so many things that I have shoved to the back burner while school was in full swing that have to be tended to. Plus I usually teach a couple of classes for our summer enrichment program at school, and this summer that means the last two weeks in June.

I am not going to downplay the summer perk of being in education because yes, I get a break from getting up so early. No, I don't have to be at work at a certain time each day. True, I have options to sleep in later, go shopping during the actual daytime, curl up with a good book, or head to the late-night movies. Yep, there's more freedom to do these things without worrying about how it will impact me the next day when I have class after class to teach.

But, the list of things that I need to get done before that official "Welcome to the 2011-2012 School Year" that will happen at the beginning of August kinda looks like this:

Not only are the things on that to-do list that I need to-do, there's also all of the other things that are out there that I want to do.

For instance, keeping my blog updated, editing photos and finishing up memory books, catching up on FaceBook, working on my GoodReads challenge, blog stalking and finding so many great ideas that I'll never actually have the time to do in my life because there are just too many creative people out there to keep up with and I don't have half the talent they do and I don't have the energy and I certainly don't have the time and:

I know, that was a really long run-on sentence. All I can say is, blame it on TACO time!

Right now this case of TACO time is picking up momentum in my life and of course, I have made it worse with BIC Syndrome (which I still haven't found the cure for and I'm not going to try hypnosis since I'd probably end up clucking like a chicken!).

So, if anyone has any ideas on how to lessen the Totally And Completely Overwhelmed syndrome in my life right now, I am available to be your project where you can lead me in the right direction because I would really like to go from this:

to this:
Okay, not really. This cheerful gal who obviously enjoys cooking is a little TOO much for me!

But how about this...

You could call me The Meditating Master of All My Moments (or you could still just call me K!).

(All images found through Yahoo Images)

4 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Danielle said...

grrrr, i just tried to leave a comment but was brutally rebuffed.

i believe we've talked about this in years past, but what i think would be a good idea is to make yourself a schedule for each day. up at 9 AM, breakfast, scriptures, and then loosely plan out the rest of your day. reading, computer time (you know you're going to do it anyway, might as well plan for it), exercise, etc. make a plan and stick to it. that's kinda what you've been doing these past months, right? be in bed at midnight. take care of your body, use this time wisely! i know you can do it. and don't forget to schedule a craft night with ME and a hanging out day with your favorite niece & nephew. (heh.)


and take some deep breaths too, because really, it's all going to be fine. ;)

Bobbi said...

That was really a darn cute blog! How talented are you!!!

K said...

Bobbi - Thanks for making me smile with such a nice comment!

Danielle - Thanks for putting into writing a plan that I could try to follow more regularly (of course, since it's almost 3 am and I haven't been to bed yet and seem to be suffering from a strange case of "I don't want to go to sleep tonight", I'll have to work on that early to bed component a little bit at a time! Seriously, thanks for the feedback! Love you!

Mrs. K said...

Found your blog through Kelly Teaches and I'm SO glad I did!! Thank you for keeping it real and helping me realize that I'm not the only one that has the same thoughts as you...so refreshingly real:)

Also, LOVE this post:)

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