14 September 2008

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

I did it! I got some of my fall decor out and about and now it's starting to feel like fall (but only INSIDE my house! Outside it is hot, muggy, and so NOT like crisp fall weather at all!)

Thanks to the challenge posted at The Inspired Room, I have been driven to get started on the fall season now. It has been fun snatching ideas from those who have posted their fall decor and I have been inspired by the great ideas I have seen.

Now I think I need to get a notebook or something to help me organize the ideas I have snatched while "blog stalking!" Maybe like the ones Saucy at "Bloggedy Blog Blog" has created to keep herself organized. Of course, getting together cute idea notebooks is a different project for a different day (man, that diy project list I have keeps growing!).

For now, a few glimpses of fall at le chateau de B&K...

6 Cheers (not Jeers!):

The Sturgills said...

That looks really good! I am impressed.

Yeah, I have a million notebooks for different things - too much to do in the little time we have!

Jenny said...

I am so beyond impressed that your fall decorations are already out. You're a new woman, truly. Very, very impressive. And so dang cute, too!! I love the new pumpkins!

rmom27 said...

I love your Fall decorations! They make me feel like making a hot cup of cocoa and curling up with a blanket. Fall is in the air.

Kira said...

Love the decorations. I think fall is the best season of all!
Ella, on the other hand, doesn't like the fall. She hates the falling leaves because she is paralyzed if nature touches her.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Look at you, another super fall nester! So happy you shared your ideas, it looks great around your place! In spite of the lingering summer weather, it feels great to see we are giving Fall a fair chance!


The Sturgills said...

Wow, love the new background and header!! Dunno what you were talkin' about earlier with it being off to the left - looks good to me!

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