23 January 2009

Photo Tag

I love this tag! (I know, I "love" a tag... has the world stopped?).

It wasn't an official tag directly issued to me, but while reading Tammy's blog, I thought it would be fun to go ahead and tag myself (mostly because I figured it would be fun to see which picture ended up following the rules, not really because I "love" a tag!).

So here are the rules:

  1. Go to your documents/pictures

  2. Go to your 6th file

  3. Go to the 6th picture

  4. Blog about it

  5. Tag 6 other friends

  6. Smile!

And here is my 6th picture, from my 6th file...

This was taken of my niece this 4th of July. She was so excited about the fireworks, the flags, and hanging out with the family (well, we choose to believe she was excited to hang out with us!). The face you see above is 100% absolute excitement. Can't you just feel the pure joy!

Revisiting this picture reminds me of how much fun it was to be part of her experience. It also reminds me that we should all try to find that moment of absolute joy and happiness a little more often in our own lives.

Now, I don't pass on tags (D can verify that this is true!) ...but if you want to participate, consider yourself invited! I'd love to see your 6th picture from your 6th file.

3 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Danielle said...

This is a great picture of Ella! But it could also be argued that it looks like she is crying. I know that isn't true, however, because she is a happy baby, but still.

How come you never called me back? RUDE.

Lois Brown said...

How fun is that! Your right that is a great tag!.....buy the way, thanks for playing "pay it forward" you don't post the rules etc...until I give you your gift from me for playing....so it will be another day! But I love this. I might have to try it and see what comes up!

Brooke said...

i did it! So you can go look at my picture! :-D

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