24 April 2009

The "Done It" List

Instead of the "Git 'r Dun" list, which is never-ending and can leave you feeling buried alive (see picture above), I have been trying a new approach with the "Done It" List...

This is a daily list of at least 10 things (big AND small) that I accomplished during the day, and I have to say, it's MUCH... MORE... REWARDING!

Here's my "Done It" List for today...
  1. Major record uploading of new books into the circulation system at work (Whew! Now those "pesky" kids that have been waiting and waiting can check out those new books!)

  2. Submitted paperwork for orders at work (it's like shopping with someone else's money!)

  3. Cleaned out the fridge (and I thought I wasn't any good at science projects!)

  4. Took out the trash (Barf... I hate touching the trash can)

  5. Collected all the recycling (where in the world does all of this paper come from?)

  6. Popped in for a surprise visit to my mother-in-law while she was playing poker with some of her friends (remember JoAnn... dinner money!)

  7. Put away clean clothes (now the "processing room" is back to being the guest room it's supposed to be... at least until the next load of laundry needs to be "processed!")

  8. Talked to my sister-in-law in San Antonio, who I love mucho!

  9. Put back an impulsive purchase BEFORE I actually purchased it (This is a HUGE accomplishment, especially since I was at the BOOKSTORE!)

  10. Cleaned off the dining room table (I suffer from "pile instead of file!")

There it is, 10 things I have done today!

For me the "Done It" list is helping me to see that I do get quite a bit of good work done each day, which makes me happy (see picture below)... even though there are still things that keep rolling over to that stupid (yeah, I said STUPID!) "git 'r dun" list that's never "dun."

So, what's on your "DONE IT" list today?

4 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Lois Brown said...

great idea! That is much more positive! I might have to try that!

andi said...

K, that's a lot in one day! Way to be productive! I like your idea :)

~Rachel said...

I love #2! At our house we have a laundry chair. It is in the middle of the family room. We all have to walk past it several times a day and yet most days the pile gets bigger and bigger :)

Bobbi said...

Your blogs are so fun to read.
Anyway, I wanted you to know that it was fun for me to see you and your family last Saturday night. I had a great time!! Thanks for including me and you can count on seeing me in November. (like it or NOT) :)

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