03 April 2009

Home again

After a week in Houston at a work conference, I am so glad to be home! It was a great week, but there is nothing quite like being in your house, with your own things, walking to the bathroom without wearing flip flops! You know - all those "little" things ;)

It was a great conference with lots of break-out sessions, vendors, and resources (gotta love those Advanced Reading Copies!) and my brain is FULL of ideas. This means that I will have to "brain drain" so I can sleep tonight!

I co-presented a session with my TVS colleagues focused on shifting the perspective towards school libraries and it went really well. This reminded me how much I enjoy presenting and sharing ideas and experiences that have worked for me.

I am grateful that my school supports the faculty in attending professional conferences so that I can stay current and on top of my game in my profession (but I sure wish they'd offer a laundry service after getting back!).

Now that I'm home, I'm gearing up for another experience as I get ready for our church's General Conference. I just think I'm tired now, but after all of the great talks and inspiration that will come my way this weekend, I will really be brain-drained! I can't wait!!

4 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Jenny said...

Yay for conferences and being filled with inspiration! I'm glad you're my super hero sister.

Kira said...

I can't wait for conference either. I always have a few personal questions that I write down and then wait for the inspiration to come. My questions have always been answered so I love conference and how I leave feeling like the talks were "just for me".

Lois Brown said...

I'm excited for conference as well. I am also glad that your presentation went well and that you enjoyed the library conference! Also your RS lesson and presentation that you put so much work in was fabulous...there is not a sister in that room that could not have felt the spirit and your love and the Saviors love for each of us! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Sure do miss hearing from my FAVORITE sister and brother in law. We are having B&K withdrawals. I know you're busy, but............

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