11 October 2009

A Well-Used Phrase


What is this?
  • A phrase has become part of my natural vocabulary (and includes capitalized enthusiasm and exclamation points as part of the verbal delivery!).

  • A phrase that other people often associate with me.

Where did it come from?
  • My seester (aka: Jennif) and I have used it for a long time when we talk to each other.

Why do I use it?

  • It says a lot with very little words.

How did it become a catch phrase at Church?

  • When I was called to work with the seesters of my ward (aka: the Relief Society), I expanded it's use to describe how I felt about these women as I grew closer to them and came to know them better.

And now?

  • I use it with the Young Women (where I am currently serving). After all, it is a phrase that definitely describes each of these awesome girls!

  • Plus, it's just part of who I am!

1 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Sharla said...


I do associate this phrase with you and I'm so glad you introduced it to us in RS. You were such an awesome/loving/generous/talented/devoted/(i could go on and on) RS President...THANK YOU! I would say enjoy the "break," but it looks like you're already hard at work enriching the lives of the YW. How lucky they are! Kirsten, you really DO rock! Hope you are doing great!

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