04 January 2010

My "word" - it's my 100th post! (plus a giveaway)

A New Year...a New Layout... a New Word... AND I have made it to my 100th post! Who knew I'd blog enough to make it to 100!

Reaching this "milestone" number in blogland means I've been around longer than I thought, sharing more than anyone probably really ever wanted to know about the ordinary adventures of the extraordinary B&K - and what fun it has been every step of the way!

So, with a New Year (and a New Layout) comes my New Word for this year. It's a word that in my personal dictionary means living each day with meaning and purpose, and it is the word I am using in 2010 to help me focus on achieving the goals I have set for myself...

This year I want to "be fit" in many areas of my life and will be working to improve my personal fitness, mental fitness, spiritual fitness, marriage fitness, home fitness, family fitness, professional fitness, and of course, my physical fitness.

One of the things I will be doing to improve my "personal fitness" is journaling more often, and so I plan to record here (aka: "journal") the experiences I have as I work toward better fitness in all areas of my life.

To help myself remember my focus throughout the year, I am printing the lovely little reminder above as a 5X7 print and framing it for my dresser, plus I am printing out some wallet-sized copies as well - 1 for my wallet and 1 for my desk at work.

And now... just for fun (and since "everyone else is doing it")... a giveaway to celebrate this 100th post milestone in my blogging life.

What do I have to offer? How about your own "Word of the Year" reminder to help you stay focused on your goals this year. You pick your word, and I'll come up with a framed reminder just for you (frame size to be discussed).

Leave me a comment and let me know what your 2010 Word of the Year is and what the word means to you. I'll number all comments by the order they are posted and then B will close his eyes, reach into a bucket, and randomly choose one of those numbers (high-tech drawing technique over here!). Drawing will occur this coming Saturday (January 9).

As we move forward into a new year, here's to 100 more posts highlighting the continued adventures (no matter how ordinary or extraordinary they may be) in the lives of B&K! Thanks for following along!

5 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Jenny said...

And since I helped you, I think I should get extra tickets thrown into the pot. :)

LOVE the layout!!!

April said...

Can I leave a comment even though I haven't chosen my word yet? Hee, hee.

LoVe the new look and I wish you well with all of your FiTnEsS goals! You know we'll hold you accountable on here, right? :-)

Kirsten said...

Jenny - you are ROCKIN! but why is this your 2010 WOTY?

April - of course you can comment, but you'd better come back with your word soon!

mamachristi said...

My word of the year is:


Big stuff for me, huh? I desperately need more of this. Love you and miss you already.

April said...

I'm baaaacckk with my WOTY:

I hope to find and maintain a balance in all aspects of my life: family, work, healthy, and hobbies (crafts and computer time).

PS, if my comment shows up twice, sorry. I was trying to multi-task and didn't see it posted.

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