01 February 2010

I'm having a "FIT"

I'm having a "FIT" but don't be scared - there is no foot stomping, hair pulling, or crying going on with this "FIT" - I'm just reflecting on my progress with my 2010 WOTY, which is... FITness!

I have to say that I am proud, pleased, and pleasantly surprised by the progress I am making. Still not perfect, still working on it, but I am giving myself a pat on the back for being focused, for doing a good job, and for continuing to move forward with my goals to improve.

One big accomplishment in January in being more financially "FIT" is how well B and I are doing creating weekly meal plans and then sticking to them. We can eat at home more - saving money in the process and hopefully eating a tad bit healthier - and after a month of really planning and persevering, it's almost easy (I said almost people, almost!).

Another goal where I have felt successful is having a home environment that is more "FIT." I have brainstormed a list of all the possible chores/tasks that come with owning a home and am in the process of catagorizing those chores/tasks into a schedule that doesn't overwhelm me. This way I don't always have to be like She-Ra and move mountains to get my home in order. A really big step for me in this area has been sorting through and finding new homes for many, many, many of the books I own.

And my final "FIT" reflection for today relates to my marriage and the incredible relationship upon which B&K is built. Brian and I have an amazing marriage! We have the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time together, which I LOVE! We work to have an incredibly strong relationship that is built on love, support, understanding, and communication (with just moments of irritation!). I am so grateful that Brian and I spend time together, that we talk about everything, that we are spiritually strong - individually and as a couple - and that each day our marriage becomes even more "FIT" than it was the day before.

So, I'm chalking January up to a month of great "FITness" and I'm moving into February with continued great expectations for myself and the "FITness" I will continue to accomplish.

3 Cheers (not Jeers!):

April @ Adventures and Gadgets said...

Hooray! I'm proud of you! I hope February brings you just as much FITness! Keep it up!

Danielle said...

yay! keep up the GREAT work!

Lois Brown said...

Really Wonderful!!!!

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