28 February 2010

A Simply Superb Sunday

A simply superb Sunday is filled with experiences that bring me closer to my family, my Heavenly Father, and my Savior Jesus Christ.

Today's simply superb Sunday included:

  • A great message taught in a talk at Church about letting the light of Christ shine through me and being an example of faith and righteousness

  • A fantastic Sunday School lesson about the amazing faith and testimony of Abraham

  • The opportunity to teach the 16-17 year old girls

  • Being there to help a friend who needed a jump start when her car wouldn't start after Church

  • A delish dinner at home (spagetti squash, chicken caeser salad, and garlic toast) with my awesome husband and my rock star of a sister

  • The chance to talk with my sister about some of the upcoming changes in my life as B gets ready to start in a new position at work (Thanks, seester! I am so glad we are friends now!)

  • The peace of my home on a Sunday evening that helps me feel closer to Christ

All things things make today "A Simply Superb Sunday" and I am grateful to have my week start off in such a great way.

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