13 April 2008

Abundantly Blessed

I am so blessed! My life is filled with people who love me, care about me, and accept me even with my shortcomings. By being surrounded by so many good and righteous people, I have gained a clearer understanding of how much the Lord loves me and how much He blesses me through the love, kindness, and generosity of others.

So, the first item on tonight's list of joy is...

71. Being loved by others

And now for more blessings that bring me joy...

72. Having Family Home Evening
73. Attending the temple
74. Getting to know others better
75. Great Sunday lessons
76. Listening to a well-prepared talk
77. The chance to help someone else
78. Men who show respect by standing when I walk into a meeting
79. Taking the sacrament
80. Seeing someone I know sing at conference! (YEAH, ALLISON!)

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