09 April 2008

More Joy

Thanks for the reminder to get back to my postings Daniell-a!

Although the week got away from me, there has been plenty of joy in my life (big and small)!

55. Shutterfly collections for sharing pictures with fam
56. Rain (too bad I couldn't just stay in my pjs and read!)
57. Finding a 2nd car!!!!!!!
58. Dream Dinners ("homecooked" never tasted so good)
59. Mother Goose (seriously, revisit these classic rhymes for fun)
60. Shopping at the bookstore... with someone else's money!
61. Great visiting teachers who know me and really care about me
62. Steam cleaners (Thanks, Lisa for letting me borrow yours)
63. Bottled water
64. A new toothbrush
65. Umbrellas that work
66. Fun markers that I can use to doodle
67. Comfy shoes
68. Fax machines
69. A mom who will use that fax machine for me at the last minute

And now... the last joy of my posting tonight...
(though certainly not my last joy)

70. Safely removing this really cool lizard from our house before the cat could get him. He was on the crown molding in the living room for several hours before Brian finally manuevered him into a cup and back outside. Whew! A life saved!

(Imagine our surprise when we came home later that evening and the thing was plastered to our glass door! What was he thinking, a beast of a cat lurks inside this home, waiting to play!).

"Our" lizard outside on the tree.

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