13 June 2008

13 Years!

Posting on Friday the 13th... about our 13th anniversary... that's appropro!

On June 10, we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary! Add to that the 3 years we dated before we got married and you get... a long time of growing up together!

In 13 years of marriage, you can learn a lot about someone.

So... on the 13th:

13 things Kirsten has learned about Brian in 13 years of marriage:

  1. He snores
  2. He could live on PB & J
  3. He will help anyone
  4. He is incredibly patient
  5. He loves, loves, loves sports (especially football)
  6. He hates to try on clothes
  7. He has great one-liners
  8. He likes to sleep in
  9. He cooks really well
  10. He is a problem solver
  11. He is a fan of Sports Radio
  12. He always listens
  13. He loves me!

And now...

13 things Brian has learned about Kirsten in 13 years of marriage:

  1. She always has to finish a book no matter the time (2am, 3am, ...)
  2. She loves to try on clothes
  3. She is an amazing teacher
  4. She can make up a song about anything
  5. She loves to people watch
  6. She can make anyone laugh
  7. She likes basketball (The Mavericks especially)
  8. She is amazingly creative
  9. She is a procrastinator (ie: late night projects)
  10. She talks in her sleep which can make for some funny nights
  11. She is a Drama Momma!
  12. She has a wonderful testimony that makes everyone cry
  13. She loves me!

So... our future plans... 13 (at least!) more great years learning and growing together!

2 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Jenny said...

I love this post. I'm so glad for your 13+3 years!! Thanks for always letting "the 4 of us" hang out and be a part of each other's lives. I love you guys!

The Sturgills said...

Yay, Happy Anniversary! Sorry I was a couple days late on calling you about it though. :o( And Jenny, it's the 7 of us, okay?

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