22 June 2008

My Dad

I meant to post this at Father's Day, but like Brian has previously noted... I am a procrastinator!

Actually, I'm just an "I can do that-and that-and that- and that" kind of girl and I take on too many things (just like I put too much food on my plate). Then I am driven to get things done in such a way that nobody feels I let them down (just like I "have" to eat all the food on my plate so it "doesn't go to waste). And on top of that, I'm a huge perfectionist, which causes problems too!

So, all of this rambling to say:
I love my dad, even if I didn't get this posted on Father's Day!

One reason I love my dad is that he has always made it clear that no matter the time or the circumstance, if we need him, he is there.

Perfect example: Brian and I went over to the parentals house (my siblings and I call them the parentals for fun!) the other night because I had one heck of a knotted- up back. Knotted from top to bottom because of the stress from packing literally hundreds of books in a short amount of time (2 & 1/2 days) by myself because the library at school is getting new carpet.

We got to their house later than planned, but it didn't matter, dad made time to work on my back anyway. And although it was painful at times (the knots were not just big, they were deep), he was able to work enough of the tension knots out of my shoulders and my back so that I could get comfortable that night (he has an amazing talent for working out those tension knots).

While we were there, we spent some time laughing over pictures mom had recently gotten back from being developed. The parentals have always had tons of pictures on slides, so mom has decided to go through them one at a time (on a light box) and figure out which ones to get developed into prints. This particular stack was all about me as an infant and toddler, and in those pictures, as I saw myself snuggled up or laughing with him, was the proof that I have always loved my dad and he has always loved me!

1 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Kira said...

I enjoyed reading your post and I think it is cool that your Dad can work out tension. I just have to say that it brought back a memory of when I was a child and my uncle would make us walk on his back to help get out knots. I am sure your Dad's method is better but I'm just saying, if you ever need someone to walk on your back, I am there for you.

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