03 June 2008

Aahhhh.... summer

Summer in Texas is...

  1. Simmering heat.
  2. Clinging humidity.
  3. Thick air that chokes you when you walk outside.
  4. The droning of the AC as it works to keep things cool.
  5. Watching the steam rise from the street.
  6. Knowing your grass is going to die because you can't water it enough and you have no sprinkler system.
  7. Burning yourself on the too-hot interior of your car.
  8. Panting like dogs (this is SUPPOSED to work).
  9. Stripping off the layers as soon as you walk in the door
    (admit it, if you're in Texas, you know you do it).
  10. Getting excited when the temperature finally reaches 82
    (at MIDNIGHT!)

So, why Texas?

  1. Roots (friends, family, church)
  2. History (I've been here since 2nd grade)
  3. It really is it's own planet
  4. Things are laid back
  5. Comfort (I don't have to have a GPS to get around)
  6. Convenience (something is always open late)
  7. My neighborhood
  8. Did I mention roots?
  9. Did I mention convenience?
  10. Oh yeah, people understand my accent!

But, if not Texas, then...OREGON!
(we just got back, pictures tell all)...

2 Cheers (not Jeers!):

The Sturgills said...

I like this a lot!!! So true about Texas. Gotta love waking up in the morning and sweating to death because it's already 95*!

Oregon is SO pretty! I'm so glad y'all got to go.

The Sturgills said...

Oh, PS, I just tagged you. Don't be mad either.

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