22 December 2008

Christmas Parties - Blogland Style!

Welcome to our Christmas Open House!

Come in and look around.

After your visit here, check out these great spots for more splendid Christmas ideas:

Kimba's Holiday Open House
Julia's Hooked on Houses
Thrifty Decor Chick's Christmas Tree Par-tay

(Just be careful of B.I.C.S. You know, Butt-in-Chair-Syndrome).

The Living Room

ideas in the living room:
* create your own cloche with a cheese tray dome
* use large vases or jars for jingle bells or ornaments

The Kitchen

ideas in the kitchen:
* use a fun, non-traditional color scheme
* use a tiered serving dish as an ornament tree
* frame gift wrap and ribbon for easy wall art

The Den

ideas in the den:
* use children's literature in a variety of places
* have a central theme (ie: snowmen) throughout the room
* hang stockings on front handle of fireplace door

And finally...

Find ways to emphasize that Jesus Christ is the reason we celebrate this season!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Don't forget to sign "the guest book" before you go
(This means leave a comment my silent friends and family!)

Merry Christmas!

10 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Lois Brown said...

Awesome! It was even more beautiful in person! You always do everything soooo right! Love ya! Everyone loved your decorations at the RS meeting. I enjoyed looking at all the children's books!

Kira said...

Wow. You seriously redecorate for Christmas. It looks great. I like the different things you did with Christmas ornaments and the rejoice snowman looks great!

Anonymous said...

This comment is from your anonymous blog-stalker. Your decorations are magnificent. Your creativity......inspiring. Your laughter.......contagious. Your spirit continues to surround those whom you make contact with.... and kids books, well they are just CUTE! Love ya.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I love the pink! Everything looks great. Thanks for joining my blog party and giving us the tour. Merry Christmas! -Julia :-)

Ashley said...

Beautiful! I am so glad you did this post! I didn't want to get caught staring/gawking the other day... My faves are the pinks in the kitchen and I can't get enough of all the books.

Sharla said...

So creative...as usual! I wish I would have looked at this BEFORE Christmas...so many great ideas. Love the pink camo stocking!

tammy said...

Love it all. I am a little obsessed with decorating. Love that big Santa especially, and the colors for the kitchen.

~Rachel said...

Merry Christmas to you as well.
Love all the decorations. I picked up several fun ideas for next year from your inspirational pictures. Thanks for all the wonderful book ideas. ~from a friend and a recovering B-I-C aholic

Southern Fried Gal said...

What a fun way to edit your tour. Great tips and ideas!

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

I LOVE all your creative ideas! Love the kitchen especially.

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