06 December 2008


Canton + First Monday Trade Days + Family = FUN!

The plan for our adventure:

  1. Leave in the early am on Saturday

  2. Drive a little more than an hour

  3. Park in a field and start walking

  4. Look in all the cool booths

  5. Spend money

  6. Walk

  7. Make our way out to where the "treasures" are

  8. Look around

  9. Find items to be repurposed or used in projects

  10. Spend money

  11. Run out of money (and arm space!)

  12. Trudge back to the car (way out in that field)

  13. Load up the car (takes some skill)

  14. Exit the field

  15. Stop and eat

  16. Drive a little more than an hour

  17. Drop off familia

  18. Drop off purchases into the garage

  19. Drop off from exhaustion

  20. Avoid explaining my purchases to B
    (he just rolls his eyes anyway!)

The results of our adventure:

A day of fun with my seester and seester-in-laws with some great new "to-do" items.

Of course I'm sure that B was right when he silently wondered, "when are you going to actually get those to-do items done?" But let's not tell him he was right, okay! I am confident (ha! ha!) that someday I'll get them all done!

4 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Lois Brown said...

Sounds like fun! love the pics! It reminds me of when all my family lived close by each other in Wichita the adventures we would do as a group! Those are the best times just being with my sisters and sisters-in-laws!

Hillary and Cameron said...

Haha! I love item #20. Isn't it funny how when we go shopping for the girly stuff how we think of reasons why we need those things to explain to our husbands later! That reminds me of when my husband and I lived in Utah. I went to a huge scrapbooking fair and the admission just to get in was something like $10. So I figured I needed to spend more than $10 buying scrapbooking stuff just to make my time there worth it! My husband thought that was a pretty funny excuse.

Jenny said...

Canton was so much fun!! I think my treasures are still at your house.

~Rachel said...

Love the scrapbook page! You always have great blogging ideas.
Sounds like a great day filled with treasures. Family is awesome.

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