18 March 2010

Hard to believe but... it's Day 3!

Day #3 of my Spring Break was another beautiful day and I have a pretty good "I Did-It!" List of events from the day...

  1. Finished the final sort of my scrapbook stash - organized it, labeled it, boxed it to go with Jenny tomorrow. It feels GREAT to help out in some small way to such a great activity as the scrapbook group for the moms who have babies in the NICU at Children's Medical!

  2. Put some more books into the hands of young readers and added to their personal libraries. It has been so much fun, actually it has been gratifying, to pass along books from my personal collection of children's lit and share my passion for reading with so many great families.

  3. Organized and cleaned the middle bedroom so that the door can actually stay open when people enter the house - amazing, I know! Also had room to set out the materials to finish a project that I kept moving around because my work table was more like "dump city" - now I know that I can get that journal done!

  4. Power washed the deck and back door - apparently a roosting bird has enjoyed flying over our deck after breakfast/lunch/dinner and left a bit of a mess that needed to be cleaned up. I don't think I'm really a fan of birds - especially when they leave a calling card!

  5. Went on a walk with my seester - BEAUTIFUL DAY for it!

  6. Ate a yummy dinner at Mi Cocina - the goal of eating at home has kind-of been blown this week. BUT... the weekend brings the opportunity to get back on track and have some meals at home.

  7. Oh yeah... did laundry again. I'm really bad at forgetting when I have a load in the dryer and so there are multiple times when after I suddenly remember, I end up having to do a fluff cycle, like today!

  8. No blog surfing today - just didn't have time (the horror!!!).

  9. Talked with B - we have THE BEST conversations. Actually, I think we have THE BEST marriage!

  10. Enjoyed the beauty of the day, the awesome weather, and my great neigborhood.

1 Cheers (not Jeers!):

A little bit of crazy.... said...

I just finished reading The Teacher's Journal. It was a very cute book and I can't wait to check out more by this author. Thanks for the intro! Also I think the kids have read through most of the pic books you gave us and have notified me of their favs.

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