17 March 2010

Spring Break - Day 2

Today's Did-It List...

  1. Entertain the Madster while D is at a doctor's appointment. Oh wait, Maddy entertained me with her excitement over a really quick egg hunt I pulled out of the closet and how much she loved playing her own version of checkers: put Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird on the checkerboard and then stomp the board with your foot so they fall off. Don't forget to throw your head back and laugh hysterically at yourself!

  2. Talk with D while she "shops" my scrapbook supplies - Encourage/force her to take what she wants since I am "exfoliating" my stash of materials - Convince her that I'm not really using them right now so she should use them- Feel a surge of excitement to see the supplies I have purchased in the past going to someone I love!

  3. More laundry - Specifically the big blankets that need extra time to wash and dry. Isn't it nice to know that the laundry is always there, waiting anxiously for attention? Kinda makes me feel special.

  4. Clean the bathrooms - Scratch that, SCRUB the bathrooms - Hands and knees kind of scrub- The kind of clean that happens ...well, on Spring Break!

  5. Pick up the den - The goal is to actually see the coffee table (Random Question: why is it even called a "coffee" table?)

  6. Blog surf - But just for a little bit - Still trying to avoid BIC this week

  7. Have a great phone conversation with LaLaLaLeesa (who never really updates her blog... what, are ya busy or something?!?).

  8. Talk with Karin - Remind her of what a great friend I am because of the awe-some email I sent her today! No seriously, talk to her about books for her kids.

  9. Dinner with JoAnn - I love that even without B, I can go have a great dinner with his mom. She's an AWESOME mother-in-law (or she could be an out-law... if she wanted!).

  10. "Exfoliate" the remainder of my scrapbook stash for the NICU at Children's Medical Center where my seester is an intern. The moms who have babies in the NICU scrapbook each week and the supplies that they have available at the hospital come only through donations.

    I can't even imagine (for many reasons) having a baby in NICU - but my friend Sharla can and I think she totally earned ROCK STAR status for the level of strength she had during that time. So, I want to do something to help other moms in this situation and making a donation of scrapbook supplies is something I can do!

  11. Talk with B... talk with B... talk with B!

  12. Stay up too late - It's a tradition - Or maybe a bad habit - Whatever it is, it just happens!

1 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Sharla said...

Couldn't have done it without you, Kirsten! It's hard to believe that Michael will be 3 next month! He's such a little miracle! Thanks for your awesomeness! :-)

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