19 October 2008

Books, Time, and Milkshakes



and Milkshakes...

...how do they go together?

They are great gives that make people smile!

Giving a gift every day has been so much fun already - and it's only day 3! However, it is even more fun when you are purposefully plotting and conspiring for good with others!

For example, my "see-ster" (aka: my sister) whom I call "Mabel" (there's a reason!) helped me out tonight and we had a blast!

Now, B and I are formulating plans for future gives. This is fun since we plot and plan well together (probably one of the reasons we have such a strong marriage!).

Check out the specific details for my Day #2 and Day #3 gives in my 29-Day Giving Challenge by going to my challenge blog.

And if you have any ideas for a great give, share it!

3 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Joni said...

Hey girl!

I found your blog from Good Reads! I love it! Too cute!


Lois Brown said...

I love your experiences! Especially about the book, although I loved the late night milkshake run as well!

{the sturgills} said...

Too bad your vanilla cokes probably tasted like Diet. Blech.

Cute ideas!

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