13 October 2008

Maddy's #1 (as in, 1-years-old!)

Our little niece Maddy just turned 1 (how did that happen?).

Check out the slideshow of Maddy and her birthday cake at our scrapblog!

We should all enjoy our birthday cake so much!

4 Cheers (not Jeers!):

{the sturgills} said...

Yay for Maddy!!! This is so cute - I love it. Mike just said, "Something new for you to play around with, huh?" Uhhh, yep!!!

We are so glad you guys came - thanks so much for all of your support. We definitely couldn't have made it through this last year without ya! <3

Cherry's Jubilee said...

WHaattt a cutie patoooti.e I see you like Twilight too! CAn't wait for the movie..the book party was a lot of fun..me and a friend went. cherry

Saucy said...

Okay! Is she the cutest one year old (since Loopy) ever? My gosh. I lurrved the slide show too!

More Maddy pics!

Saucy said...

PS. I've tried to get Loopy to read Twilight because she loves Harry Potter so much... she won't do it, maybe I should! Before the movie comes out.

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