21 October 2008

D's Choice!

I decided that my give today would be a "choose your own" gift (kind of like those "choose your own adventure" books that are so much fun to read when you're a kid).

And since D (my SIL) is the one who got me started with blogging and keeps me on track with staying current, I decided that she would be the person I give to today on day 6 of my challenge.

So, D.... you get to "choose your own gift" from the choices below as my way of saying thanks for keeping me on track with my blog and for putting up with me when I mocked you about blogging. I'm glad we're family and you can see beyond my shortcomings!

And now, will you choose...

#1 Super Scrapper
(includes: paper, stickers, embellishments, mini scrapbook)

or will you choose:

#2 God Bless the USA
(includes: patriotic decor and pillows)

Claim your gift by leaving me a comment with your choice. The world eagerly anticipates your answer (by "world" I mean the small group of friends and family who stop in here at B&K every once in awhile!).

7 Cheers (not Jeers!):

Us said...

Why are you giving away all this awesome stuff?! I am tired of your house cleaning!!!

Okay, all that is a total lie because I benefit so much from it. Choices, choices... I am so conflicted. I love both of them so much. Aaaaaggghhh!!

Okay. *deep breath*

After much consideration, I think I will take the patriotic stuff. You are the best!!!

Us said...

Okay. I changed my mind. I want the scrapbooking stuff.

No, no I don't. I want the patriotic stuff.

See? You know how I suffer from decidiphobia!!! :)

Brian and Kirsten said...

Ok, to help with your dilemma (which I was pretty sure would happen!).... you get BOTH!!!!

Thanks for introducing me to the fun of blogging (even though I might let it take over my time a bit too much!)

And now, I'll box up your gifts and put them to the side until I see you in a few days!

{The Sturgills} said...

Kirsten, you cannot seriously give me both those things! You're taking this giving thing to the extreme, and it's bound to leave you in the poor house. And I'm sorry, but happy thoughts from give-ees ain't gonna pay the rent!!! ;)

Brian and Kirsten said...

Silly girl! I can too give you these things and not end up in the poor house. Rest comfortably that I will be able to pay my "rent" and still give what I want to whom I want! No more arguments.

Now just say thanks, accept the gift, and let me have a happy night knowing that I passed along something fun to you!

Bobbi said...

Danielle is a lucky girl to have you as part of her family. Thanks for being so good to her. (don't over do it, though....she's already pretty spoiled) j.k.
It was great to see you guys at "the party".

Andi Mae said...

How cute are you???? See, this is why you have the calling you have.

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